Can’t get pregnant?Doctor: These 3 things make the uterus thinner and thinner

During the pregnancy, if the early embryo is compared to the seeds, the endometrium is like soil. After the embryo enters the uterine cavity, it is also looking for a land that is suitable for you to take root. "settle down.The land is fertile, and this seed can grow better. Conversely, the land is barren, which will also affect the growth and development of the seeds to varying degrees.

It can be seen that the endometrium condition is an important influencing factor in the success of embryos. When the endometrium is too thin, it is not conducive to the embryo to bed better.The chance of miscarriage will also increase. It is generally considered that the thickness of the uterine endometrium is more suitable for embryonic bed at 7-8mm.

So, for a woman with normal ovulation, how can it be considered as thin as the endometrium?

In fact, the thickness of the endometrium is not static. It will continue to change every month as the menstrual cycle changes. Among them, the ovulation period of the mature follicles is the thickest.The 14th day is the ovulation period. If the endometrium measured at this time is below 7mm, it means that the endometrium is thin.

Hormone levels are low

The sex hormone secreted by the ovaries can regulate the thickness of the endometrium. If the estrogen, the level of progesterone is low, or ovulation disorders, the endometrium can cause the endometrium to become thinner.

Therefore, if the endometrium is simply thinner due to endocrine factors, it can be treated with estrogen for a period of time under the guidance of a doctor. Most patients’ endometrium can slowly increase to normal levels.

Endometrial damage

The endometrium is damaged by various infections, inflammation, or mechanical, such as artificial abortion, which can cause the endometrium to the endometrium to the poor and cause the endometrium to become thinner or even adhesive.Little menstrual flow, even amenorrhea, infertility, etc.

At present, the most reliable diagnostic standard for uterine adhesion is hysteroscopic examination. Hysteroscopy is a endoscope for uterine examination and treatment. It is a minimally invasive gynecological diagnosis and treatment technology. It can accurately accurately accurately.Learn the lesions in the uterine cavity and determine the parts, scope, and degree of the adhesion. Once the diagnosis is diagnosed, the hysteroscopy can be used to separate the mechanical separation and adhesion to the degree of damage to the endometrium as much as possible.To minimize, promote menstrual recovery to facilitate future conception.

However, if the endometrium is severely damaged and the degree of uterine adhesion is severe. Even after many separation surgery, the uterine anatomy structure can be rebuilt, but it can not guarantee that the normal fertility function can be restored.It is relatively difficult to plant it on it.

Long -term negative emotional stimulus

The impact of emotion is also a factor in one aspect. Long -term tension and worrying psychology often cause endocrine disorders, which affects the thickness of the endometrium. Therefore, women before and after pregnancy must learn to relax and regulate their mentality. Do not let negative emotionsThe backlog is too long.

After reading, do many pregnant women worry that their endometrium is too thin and thinks it is necessary to check it specifically?

In fact, for healthy women with menstruation, if there is no less menstruation or amenorrhea, infertility, and early abortion history, the probability of thin endometrium will be relatively low. The ultrasound examination before pregnancy will mainly look at the uterus as the uterus.Is the attachment normal? Occasionally, the uterine endometrium is less than 7mm on a report form. You don’t have to worry too much. You can ask a gynecologist to help analyze which period of menstruation at that time.You can also review the ultrasound again in the next menstrual ovulation period.

Guidance: Deputy Chief Physician Tan Xiaozhang, Gynecology Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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