Can’t pregnant women drink coffee?The harm of pregnant women drink coffee, pregnant mothers take a look together

Women will become the key protection objects in the family after pregnancy, and they will be valued from diet to living habits.There are many foods and beverages that have become a blacklist for pregnant women, especially coffee.There are many white -collar women in the city. They often have the habit of drinking coffee at work. After pregnancy, they will obey the advice of the people around them and no longer touch coffee. In fact, if they can’t help, they can drink less.

The Department of Health of Canada, the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Sciences and other related institutions have asserted that pregnant women can drink a small amount of coffee. The amount of coffee every day must not exceed 150 ~ 300mg, which means that it does not exceed two glasses.

The reason why people generally think that it is not based on the poor drinking coffee, because the main component in the coffee is caffeine. This substance can excite the central nervous system. If the pregnant woman drinks too much, it will stimulate it.Function, such as making pregnant women’s heartbeat faster than usual, can even lead to increased blood pressure and disgusting and dizziness.

In addition to having a certain effect on pregnant women, the stimulus to the fetus is also very great, especially affecting the more important developmental organs such as the fetal brain, heart, and liver. Therefore, if pregnant women can hold back, it is best not to drinkCoffee can’t bear to drink a little less. You can choose to use other beverages instead, such as mint tea, which can also play a role in refreshing.

Excessive drinking coffee in pregnant women will cause serious consequences. So how should pregnant women balance the amount of coffee?

① The serious consequences of pregnant women drink coffee

If pregnant women consume more than two hundred milligrams of caffeine daily, the chance of abortion may be twice that of normal people. If only a small amount of caffeine is consumed, this possibility will be much smaller, so it is found that after pregnancyIt should be quit coffee some time ago. Do not drink in addition to coffee, because alcohol will prevent the blood from flowing to the placenta, which is very unfavorable to the development of the fetus.

② Pregnant women do not drink quick -soluble coffee

In fact, the ingredients of quick -soluble coffee and coffee are similar, and they also contain a certain amount of caffeine, which will cause a certain change in the central nervous nerve. If it is breastfeeding, coffee should also be quit, because caffeine will also be in the lotion in the lotion.The absorption of the baby will eventually affect the growth and development of the baby. It mainly affects the baby’s sleep. The most obvious symptom is that the baby will have symptoms such as accelerated heartbeat, dizziness, irritability, and breath.

In daily life, in addition to coffee containing a large amount of caffeine, there are many foods and drinks that have this substance, such as chocolate, soft drinks, refreshing drinks.People who like to keep tea usually quit after pregnancy, because there are 2%to 5%caffeine in tea, which has an exciting effect, so coffee and tea and refreshing drinks cannot be drunk.If it is breastfeeding, and you must drink coffee to refresh, it is best not to exceed two cups, and do not breastfeed immediately after drinking coffee. Generally, it will be fed after one to two hours.

③ The harm of pregnant women drink coffee

In addition to increasing the chance of abortion mentioned above, it will also cause insomnia. If pregnant women do not sleep well, in the long run, they will cause high mental tension, headache, and even stimulate gastric acid secretion, causing heartburn. These symptoms will occur. These symptoms will be.It is more unbearable, and the pregnant woman itself is eventually tortured.

Drinking coffee frequently can cause dehydration, because caffeine is also a very diuretic thing. If you drink too much, it will cause pregnant women to go to the toilet frequently to urinate, which will easily cause dehydration.

Everyone knows that pregnant women need to supplement a large amount of calcium after pregnancy. Not only do they need, the fetus in the belly grows and develops. If you drink too much coffee, it will cause their own calcium loss. In fact, caffeine has no nutritional value.It will only make the calcium in our bones lose more seriously, because the metabolism of the body’s caffeine is particularly slow, so the content of caffeine in the baby’s blood will be higher.Standards, growth and development are affected.

The result of the final summary is because the coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, so pregnant women and fetuses should try to stay away from these things as much as possible, and do not encourage coffee during pregnancy.But it does not mean that you ca n’t touch coffee during pregnancy. If you ca n’t bear it, you can drink a little bit, but you must not exceed two cups within a day.

If you drink tea that day, or eat chocolate Coca -Cola, then do not drink coffee anymore, because these foods and drinks also contain certain caffeine, do not let caffeine exceed the body.

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