Can’t pregnant women swim when they are pregnant?You see Chen Yanxi who is pregnant!

Have you found that many mother -in -law warned your pregnancy daughter -in -law, you have to lie down at home and recuperate, do not do too much exercise. If the placenta is unstable, will my grandson be gone? But a few days ago, Dan Qijun watched it.By a report, a pregnant mother who was about to produce was rushing to the sea, and the healthy baby was born later.

This is nothing. Look at the recent "Shen Jiayi", which has been exposed to beautiful photos, all have begun to greatly take photos of their swimming. They are so cute and cute.I have to say that after Chen Yanxi married Chen Xiao, how can it become spicy? Dan Qijun is going to bend! But when Chen Yanxi took a swimming photo, everyone knew that the little Bao Bao was 4 months pregnant for 4 months.It’s it’s over!

I believe that many people are like Dan Qijun, worrying about her swimming for 4 months of pregnancy? After all, pregnant women are pregnant or pay attention to recuperation! Let ’s listen to what the experts say.

Experts say that under normal circumstances, swimming in pregnant women is good.Pregnant women are not as weak as we think of, mainly healthy pregnant women, they can try swimming.And abroad, swimming in pregnant women is a normal thing.In fact, for pregnant women, whether it is normal schedule, dietary habits, or even regular check -up is essential.But as a healthy pregnant woman, you can try the sport of swimming.

In fact, pregnant women swimming during pregnancy are conducive to the body of pregnant women.When pregnant women are swimming, the uterus is water -watering, and under certain circumstances, the pain of the lumbar muscles and back muscles of the pregnancy uterus can be relieved; and swimming can also reduce the squeezing of the fetus to the rectum; swimming can also prevent constipation and lower limb swelling and other pregnant women.Pregnancy occurs.

Swimming in pregnant women can also increase lung capacity and reduce the time of pregnant women in childbirth; swimming can also relax the mood of pregnant women, reduce the symptoms of headache during pregnancy, and play a good role in the development of the fetus.

However, if pregnant women swim, they must pay attention to the water temperature should not be too low, the time should not be too long, the swimming posture should not be too large, and the action range should be smaller.If these small points remember, pregnant women can still swim happily.

In this way, pregnant mothers will swim happily.Dan Qijun blessed every pregnant mother to have a swimming athlete !!

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