Can’t raise dogs during pregnancy, science tells you that it is completely possible

Dogs and pregnant women

Many families with pets at home will send their pets away when the hostess is pregnant. If it is a cat, it is better to send it away.But if the dog is raised, you don’t have to worry so much.

If there is a dog at home, the pregnant woman must first do a pre -pregnancy examination during pregnancy. After pregnancy, a test is also called TORCH, including four rubella virus, giant cell virus, bow -shaped body infection, and Kozaqi virus.Among them, giant cell virus has an environment.

Gow -shaped infection is generally transmitted through stray cats, which has a very great impact on the fetus and it is easy to cause death and abortion.Gow -shaped worms are generally infected through cats’ feces, will not spread directly, and there will be animal meat.Pregnant women should avoid animal feces, and do not eat unscaptive meat.

Under normal circumstances, the impact of the bow -shaped worm on the fetus after three months of pregnancy, so I do not like to be infected by the hoe.If pregnant women have antibodies, they will not be infected after.

If you need to raise a dog during pregnancy, you must take blood to detect whether the dog and the toxoplasma antibody in your body are positive.Doctors suggest that it is best not to raise dogs during pregnancy to prevent it.

If you ca n’t raise your family, you can send your dogs to foster care in the first three months of the most dangerous, or to train. It is also a good way.

Note: If you let your dogs stay too close during pregnancy, don’t hold the dog, let alone let it lick you, it is better to be cautious.Of course, if your dog likes to flutter, foster during pregnancy!

There are actually many benefits to get along with dogs with dogs

1 can cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and let them learn to take care of people

Assign some tasks for children,

Let him take care of his dog like his brother and sister.

Because breeding dogs is a long -term task,

You can cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and patience.

2 Dogs can play with children

Dogs are basically patient with children,

Being able to play with children to play such children’s personality will be more lively and outgoing.

And can cultivate their self -confidence.

3 Long -term play with cats and dogs are healthy and healthier

And it is not easy to suffer from allergic diseases

This is a research on pet allergies in cooperation between Sweden and American scientists.

The main cause of allergies is inheritance.

But children who play with small animals are not easy to suffer from allergic symptoms.

4 Let them learn to respect life

this point is very important,

Children in contact with small animals before standing the correct values

Will realize the growth process of life,

This will make them understand the emotions of animals and humans, and they are more caring.

Know now!During pregnancy, it is not necessary to send the dog away

But you still have to pay attention when you raise it ~

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