Can’t sleep after pregnancy?These four methods must be remembered

Sleep is particularly important for pregnant women. Many people feel sleepy during pregnancy.This is because the increase in estrogen hormones during pregnancy, coupled with the smoothing muscle of the uterine smooth muscle in the early stages of pregnancy, causes many pregnant women to feel tired, which is a normal early pregnancy response.

But when the baby in the belly grows slowly, many women find that they are getting more and more difficult to fall asleep, and some can’t sleep at all.In the final analysis, these five reasons.

Why can’t I sleep well after pregnancy?

1. frequent urination

In the early stages of pregnancy, the larger uterus will compress the bladder, causing many pregnant mothers to urinate frequently and frequently. After the uterine increases beyond the pelvic cavity, the symptoms of frequent urination will be relieved or even disappeared., Resulting in the relatively narrowing of the bladder capacity, many pregnant mothers will have frequent urination again, and it will affect sleep several times at night, which seriously affects sleep.

2. mental stress

During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen hormones, many pregnant mothers are more likely to change their emotions, sensitive and sad. Some pregnant mothers always like to think about it before going to bed, which causes great pressure on their psychology.After a while, I was worried about whether the baby would give birth prematurely, and for a while, I was worried about whether I could give birth, and I was afraid that there were any problems in the production process. The more I thought, the more I couldn’t sleep.Especially in the middle of the night, women are particularly sensitive and nervous, and they are particularly fragile, so it is easy to cause insomnia when sleeping.

3. Foot edema

After a period of pregnancy, many women will have the problem of lower limb edema, and severe women will even cramp.These factors will affect women’s sleep quality. Therefore, in order to allow you to have good sleep, you can use the method of high legs when you edema in the lower limbs, so that the problem of lower limb edema can be relieved, and then achieve the purpose of having good sleep.

4. Fetal movement influence

The fetal movement in the middle of pregnancy is relatively severe and frequent. As the hysteric space decreases in the third trimester, the amplitude of the fetal movement is slightly weakened. However, for pregnant mothers with thin belly or more sensitive, they can obviously feel the discomfort during fetal movement, and even pain.And many Baoma responded that the fetal movement was more severe and frequent at night.

5. Accelerate heart rate and short breathing

Because of the existence of the baby, the heart needs a greater blood volume and combat frequency, which makes your heart rate accelerate, feels uncomfortable, and it is easy to wake up at night; breathing is short.Due to the increase of the uterus, the horizontal septum membrane below the lungs is compressed, which makes it difficult to breathe.In addition, due to the increase in the amount of oxygen in the body, pregnant women have to speed up their breathing.

Can pregnant women take sleeping pills?

During pregnancy, especially early pregnancy, if you take sleeping pills, the drugs will pass the placenta, which will cause irreversible damage to the fetus. Studies have shown that most sleeping pills are not safe to the fetus.After pregnancy, due to changes in hormones, pregnant women are more sensitive in terms of mental and stress, and their tolerance to stress will also decrease. They often suffer from depression and insomnia, which is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body.The hormones that affect the human body during pregnancy are mainly estrogen and progesterone, which can cause pregnant women to feel unstable and cause insomnia.

If you take sleeping pills in the early stages of pregnancy, the impact causes the embryonic dysplasia and even cause miscarriage.Therefore, the dangers of sleeping pills in the early stages of pregnancy are extremely harmful. Patients are best to go to the hospital for examination to understand the development of the fetus by monitoring. If it has affected, the pregnancy can only be suspended through surgery.

How do pregnant women improve sleep?

1. Diet

Usually eat more nutritious foods: fish and shrimp contain the ketones required by pregnant women, and the soy products are rich in protein, and red dates can replenish qi and blood, so eating more is also good for helping sleep.

2. Moderate massage

Massage can relax the tense muscles very well. It can achieve physical and mental pleasure by massage, which is very beneficial for sleep.

3. Sleeping position

Lying on the side of the middle of pregnancy, the increase of the uterus is getting more and more obvious. At this time, the side lying position should be adopted, and the left and right sides should be available.Essence

4. Properly raised feet

As the fetus increases, the burden on the feet of pregnant mothers has become increasing, and their feet are prone to fatigue or cramps, especially the pregnant mummy with edema or venous songs with lower limbs.Preventing leg cramps can also help improve blood circulation.

The most important point in pregnancy is that pregnant women should clearly understand that the quality of sleep becomes low is a normal physiological phenomenon, and it does not need to be too anxious and nervous.Of course, if pregnant women have severe sleep disorders, they must seek medical treatment in time.

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