Can’t the fallopian tube get pregnant naturally?Answer

Pregnancy and having children are not easy and easy. Ms. Yue (pseudonym), 26, encountered distress on the road to preparing for pregnancy. I have been married for three years. I have not had any movements. I found us through the search of network information. Let ’s share with you.How could she feel the baby’s vigorous heartbeat so easily, and is about to feel the advent of hot life.

Ms. Yue, 26 years old, has been married for three years without contraception, and has never been pregnant. She has never been pregnant. The menstrual cycle is regular, quantity, no history of surgery, and normal ovulation.

The semen examination of the man’s outer hospital is normal.

Come to the hospital on February 23, 2022, comprehensive medical history, diagnosed as primary infertility, and improve infertility examination. It is recommended to do X -offline uterine fallopian tubal angiography. Recommend new types without interpolation and angiography. You can accurately evaluate the uterine cavity andVolumes of fallopian tubes.

Let me talk about it here. Compared with the traditional fallopian tube radiography, the pain of the new type of non -interspersed uterine fallopian tube angiography is significantly reduced, and it is also clearer for the uterine development of abnormal development. The premise of reducing pain is improved.Essence"

The new type of non -integrated angiography on the day showed that the left fallopian tube was very unpleasant, and the right fallopian tube was not connected.

On the day of the angiography, the patient chose non -invasive tubal intervention therapy, the left egg tubal was unobstructed, and the right tubal was not through. During the surgery, it was evaluated by the fallopian tube blocking disease due to non -specific inflammation.

Patients gave patients with Chinese medicine physiotherapy after surgery, monitored the development of follicles during the period, and guided the same room during ovulation. In the guidance of the doctor team and nutritionist, the good news of the ladies in February 2023 accidentally rewarded the smooth pregnancy!Ms. Yue, who has successfully ushered in a good "pregnancy", is not convinced at the same time as she is happy. She sent information to us. Thanks to Jinhe Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for giving her a precious "life gift", congratulations!Bleak

Patients with fallopian tubes, such as fallopian tubes and fallopian tubes, are not smooth. Priority is recommended to choose non -invasive tubal intervention therapy. There is no sequelae and high pregnancy rate.Our hospital has matured this surgical technology, high success rate, micro -innovation, and small pain, and realizes the dream of natural conception of patients.

Active pregnancy, face -to -face problems, and find the best treatment plan. Are you more confident if you prepare for pregnancy?

May you have your own cute baby as soon as possible!

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