Can’t you conceive your child?See if sexual lifestyles are correct

Properly predict ovulation.

First of all, we must accurately grasp the timing of ovulation and ovulation during a moderate sexual life before they can do more with less.There are many ways to predict ovulation.

Many people are calculated based on the calendar, that is, the next month of the month to retreat for 14 days, usually ovulation day.This method is easily disturbed by many factors such as emotions, nutrition.

Basic body temperature monitoring is a family -based detection method.You need to measure body temperature when there is no activity in the morning.If the body temperature rises by about 0.5 degrees, ovulation may occur.This method is scientific, but the accuracy is poor, and it is easy to cause women’s anxiety, so the effect is not very good.

The most accurate method is to use ovulation test strips, which can accurately predict the highest level of lutein (LH) in urine before ovulation.If it is positive, ovulate within 36 hours.When the ovulation test strip is positive, if the same room in the same room within 36 hours, it is easy to get pregnant.

Ovulation test

There is no need to prohibit sexual life during ovulation without an ovulation period

Many people think that sperm is extremely precious.Good steel is used on the blade.Select abstinence during non -ovulation to save sperm and accumulate force.Ovulation activities will be released for a month, hoping to increase the chance of pregnancy.

But this idea is wrong.

Long -term abstinence will affect the mobility and quality of male sperm, directly affect the combination of sperm eggs and the development of fertilized eggs, and is greater than benefiting a healthy baby.The production of sperm takes a certain time. Too frequent sexual life during ovulation will also affect sperm quality and reduce pregnancy success rate.

Sexual life during pregnancy

The correct sexual life method is: in the non-ovulation period, sexual life should be carried out as usual; one-time life is performed 3 to 7 days before ovulation, and sperm that loses vitality is excreted; before ovulation, increase the frequency of sexual life, once every 1-2 days.

Doing these can increase the probability of pregnancy while ensuring the quality of semen.

Too much eager for children will be counterproductive

During the preparation during pregnancy, many people choose to temporarily give up their work and go to the hospital for examination.Taking pregnancy as the only righteous thing, hoping to improve the chance of pregnancy.In fact, this is often counterproductive.

Too much attention will make people worry about gains and losses, nervousness, and anxiety. These negative emotions will affect women’s endocrine systems, and severe cases will even lead to amenorrhea.Many people have such experiences: when they want a child wholeheartedly, they can’t be pregnant. Once they don’t care, they will have good news.

If you want to be good, you must first benefit it.Before preparing for pregnancy, learn some necessary knowledge, so that such a good way to pregnancy will go smoothly.

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