Can’t you use medicine when you are pregnant?4 medicines that can be used during pregnancy, but use correctly

Everyone knows that women do not use drugs as much as possible during pregnancy, because there are side effects of drugs, which will not only cause harm to pregnant women, but also cause greater harm to the fetus.Because the body of pregnant women is relatively fragile and easily affected, the use of drugs must strictly control the amount and side effects of the drug.

1. Iron supplement and calcium tablets

Iron supplement and calcium tablets are a drug that is often exposed to in life. It is mainly to directly supplement the body of the body to supplement the body to prevent the body from preventing osteoporosis and anemia.Women’s demand for calcium and iron during pregnancy increases, and women with iron deficiency and iron deficiency in life often appear in life. Therefore, they need to be supplemented in time after pregnancy.enter.As long as these two drugs are controlled, they will not cause damage to the body of pregnant women, and they will only play a role in replenishing.

2. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are commonly used in life. The use of antibiotics is mainly to solve the problem of pathogen infection such as bacteria.Women have poor physical tolerance during pregnancy and are prone to cause infection. At this time, they need to seek medical treatment in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, use antibiotics for treatment.Of course, general viral colds do not use antibiotics.Some pregnant women have vaginal infections during pregnancy. At this time, medication can be considered directly at the vagina. Local medication can also reduce the impact on the fetus.

3. Anti -fever drug

If a woman has a fever during pregnancy, she needs to use the medicine according to the fever. If the temperature of the fever is high, it is best to choose to relieve the symptoms to relieve the symptoms, so as not to cause damage to the body and the fetus because of high fever.Generally the safest drug is acetylphenol tablet. This drug is not easy to affect the fetus and can effectively alleviate the symptoms of colds and fever.

4. Skin allergic drugs

Many times skin allergies are caused by contact with certain allergens. This is an uncontrollable factor. Once pregnant women are seriously allergic, they need to use corresponding anti -allergic drugs for treatment.Generally, low -concentration of sugar cortex ointment can be used to relieve allergic symptoms, or use of glycrystone washing agents can also have a good effect, and it will not affect the fetus.

During pregnancy, both pregnant women and fetuses may be affected by some drug side effects, so pay more attention to the selection and use of drugs.Reduce illness as much as possible and reduce the chance of medication.If you are sick, you must not be treated because of fear of drugs and side effects.Pregnant women should seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Under the guidance of a doctor, they choose to choose the minimum impact on themselves and the fetus.

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