Case: My wife complained that her husband has not worked for 7 years. My husband: I have 8 -digit deposits, why do I have to work?

Marriage: Not only love, but also a responsibility and commitment.When looking for a lifelong partner, we should think carefully and not be confused by superficial phenomena.It is often based on common values and mutual understanding.However, there are always some couples in real life to the edge of the collapse because of their concepts.Next, we will tell the story of a couple facing divorce because of the three views.

The couple are Xiaofeng, a highly educated education and Xiaoyan who worked in the factory.The two introduced the blind date through relatives, and soon married and had two children.However, over time, Xiaoyan’s dissatisfaction with her husband Xiaofeng is increasing.She felt that her husband did not find a job at home for seven years, and Xiaofeng retorted: "I have eight -digit deposits, why do I work?" In the end, the two had to seek help from the mediation staff.

After investigation, Xiaofeng was not unwilling to work, but because he had enough deposits and hoped that he could better take care of the children and give them higher -level education.He also learned about Japanese, the Internet, and English, and even became a researcher.However, none of this was understood by his wife Xiaoyan, which caused the relationship between the two to become more and more tense.

With the help of the mediator, the couple had a frank dialogue, expressing their true thoughts over the years.In the end, they decided to let go of their past disputes and start their marriage life again.

Through this story, we can draw a conclusion: When choosing a marriage object, we should pay attention to the other party’s ideological level and values, not just economic capabilities.Only on the basis of the San Guan’s consistency can marriage last long.

【Viewpoint and Analysis】

This story tells us that in marriage, the importance of the ideological level and values of both husband and wife cannot be ignored.In real life, many husbands and wives have broken marriage because of the incompetence of the three views.Therefore, when choosing a marriage object, we should pay more attention to the other party’s ideological level and values, not just external conditions.

First of all, the consistent couples of the three views are more likely to resonate and enhance each other’s understanding.In marriage life, both husband and wife need to face all kinds of challenges in life.If the values and ideological levels of both parties are different, it is difficult to reach consensus, let alone deal with the difficulties in life together.

Secondly, the consistency of the Sannou helps the couples to reach an agreement on educating their children.In this story, Xiaofeng hopes to give her children a higher level of education, while Xiaoyan cannot understand her husband’s thoughts.If the husband and wife have differences in educating their children, it is likely to have a negative impact on the growth of the child.

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