Chen Qiaoen Allen was shopping in hand, and the woman’s abdomen was suspected of pregnancy. Allen touched her belly to signal her to sit down.

Recently, some gossip media took pictures of Chen Qiaoen and her husband Allen together. When the two people were shopping, they were holding hands with hands. Even if they had been in love for 3 years, they were still envied by you, but Chen Qiaoen’s figure also had a figure.Discussion on the people of eating melon.

Chen Qiaoen, who is immersed in happiness, has a more girly heart in the recent dress. The two braids look cute and lovely. On the same day, Chen Qiaoen wore a black short sleeve and denim skirt. He also wore a loose jacket on the outside.The part of her eyes was still seen by the sharp -eyed netizens that her stomach had been raised slightly, and she looked full of pregnancy.

And when she was shopping, Chen Qiaoen also wore flat shoes and was careful when walking. There were two staff members around him accompanied by care. This posture seemed to be Chen Qiaoen’s key protection object and was always taken care of by the people around him.

Especially when Chen Qiaoen walked into a clothing store to see clothes, she exposed her belly on the side. It can be clearly that her belly was prominent, but her limbs were not fat at all, so it is likely that the possibility of getting fat is likely.pregnant.

In the evening, Chen Qiaoen and Allen were on the streets, Allen’s entire attention was on Chen Qiaoen. During this period, Chen Qiaoen’s belly motioned for her to sit down and rest.Chen Qiaoen is very intimate and believes that he will be a good father in the future.

From the perspective of Chen Qiaoen’s dress, the two of them should be holding hands together on September 21. On the same day, the two people appeared in the airport.Allen had always held Chen Qiaoen’s hand to protect her throughout the whole process. The young couple were so sweet.

At that time, Chen Qiaoen’s belly could be clearly seen, especially on the side, and Chen Qiaoen intends to wear a jacket to cover it.

Chen Qiaoen and Allen met and fell in love because of "Daughter’s Love". From 2019 to 2019 to this year, they have worked together for 3 years, and at the end of March this year, they also received a certificate of marriage and officially upgraded from couples to couples.The two are also very good, the male handsome and female, and it is said that Allen is also a rich second generation, and the combination of the two is also very smooth.

At present, it seems that their feelings are also very stable, and they have become husband and wife, and they can’t do it, but now it is reasonable to have a child. The wedding can be remedied in the future.

On September 22, Allen and Chen Qiaoen ushered in the third anniversary of their love. The two issued a article at the same time and celebrated at the same time. It was very ritual. Since Chen Qiaoen fell in love with Allen, the whole person looked younger.Dudu’s mouth is very cute, and she really can’t see that she is 43 years old this year.


From Chen Qiaoen’s state, it is not difficult to see how a happy relationship has improved how big a girl is. In the 40s, it can also show the appearance of 20 years. Of course, this is also Allen’s credit.Lun also sent flowers to Chen Qiaoen, and was very considerate with a sense of ritual.

Two people are so sweet now. If you come again to upgrade to a family, it will definitely be happier!At first, the two came from love to reality. Many people were not optimistic, but now they are so sweet that they have confirmed to the outside world that the show is also true feelings. I hope that the two can always be happy together!

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