Chest swelling and swelling, and the belly is too heavy … expectant mothers shared to relieve the "small recipe"

Handing in the baby is a happy event, but the long pregnancy still makes many expectant mothers feel irritable.We have collected 9 "unique techniques" shared by global expectant mothers and netizens, and maybe they can alleviate some hard work and inconvenience during pregnancy.

Image source: Buzzfeed

1. chest pain?Ice underwear to help

From the beginning of the pregnancy, some expectant mothers have felt the pain of the chest. If it is uncomfortable, put the underwear in the refrigerator for a while and then wear it for a while. Netizens have a strange effect!

2. Swell feet?Bubble soda water

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, feet edema is often available. At this time, you might as well take the water to bubble your feet and ankles. The quinine contained in soda water can reduce inflammation, and bubbles can relieve the discomfort of the feet.

3. Can’t wear underwear?Period manually

Rather than buying a maternal bra and bra, it is better to buy a small lengthened pad. Most of the underwear shops are definitely a good helper to save money.

4. Is the jeans waist not fat enough?Rooting circles

If you want to wear jeans in the early pregnancy, you can use a flexible hair circle to be tied to the button. The method is shown in the figure.But in the middle and late stages, you have to buy pants dedicated to pregnant women, otherwise it is not beautiful or comfortable enough.

5.The top is too short?DIY an extended abdomen circumference

If you do n’t want to buy too many maternal costumes that can only be worn for a few months, you can try to use the old vest to transform it by yourself and make a long -bellied abdomen. So most of the loose T -shirts can be shaken into a maternity dress.

6. The belly is too heavy?Lying on the life circle

The belly is getting heavy, uncomfortable, and uncomfortable lying down, so the lifebuilding circle may be a wonderful weapon to relax you.

7. Abdominal pain?Big ice coating belt

Before leaving the basin, many expectant mothers’ belly will feel painful. In order not to suffer so much, you can try to tie a ice -applying belt.If you don’t have time to buy it, it is also possible to bring your belly to the refrigerator for a while and then use it.

8. Way more to do pregnant women yoga

In fact, the best way to relieve the discomfort during pregnancy is more exercise. In the case of physical permission, you can do some gestational yoga movements, such as lying on the corner and straightening your legs on the wall.Essence

9. Enjoy the fun of "self -bringing coffee table"

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers can only rest in bed because they are too big, and they are unavoidable and bored.But for the baby in the stomach, even if you have more troubles, you must learn to make fun.Put a little sweet snack on your belly, incubate TV series while enjoying the fun of "bringing the coffee table"!

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