Childbirth said: When will the maternal usually born?The doctor finally spoke the real truth

Guide: Cousin asked me when he was pregnant with a child. Generally, how long will he have to give birth to the first child?

When will the maternal who is pregnant for the first time usually given?Why?The doctor said Great True.

If the maternal who is pregnant for the first time does not have a special situation of premature birth, all indicators are normal, and they will be slower.The production time may be two weeks earlier or two weeks after pushing.Scientific proof: Only about 50 % of women will give birth on the day of due date.I was the first pregnancy and the last pregnancy. It was started on the day of the due date. It was lucky.

Because of the first production of a first -born woman, the process of physical and cervical expansion is particularly slow. My mother, mother -in -law, and me have three days when the first maternal is born.

After the maternal, the body has been expanded once at the first production, so the process of the body and cervical expansion is particularly fast, and the labor process will be shorter.For example, when my mother was born with a second child, she was born fast. As soon as she went to the bed, she gave birth. According to her, she was as fast as the old hen got eggs.

Therefore, if the mother has these four signs of production, it should be more vigilant, because it is too fast to be busy, and the hospital cannot arrange it.

1. When did the first produce after entering the basin?

The first maternal maternal is better than the maternal maternal entering the basin. Generally, it will be produced after two weeks after entering the basin, but everyone is different in the basin.However, we must have regular contraction, redness, and water breaking symptoms can be a sign of production.Therefore, it is not necessary to be able to produce so fast when entering the pot.

The maternal maternal usually enters the pot when it is about to be born, which is different from what we usually imagine.

2. When will the first produce after the water breaks the water?

Because the first maternal is born slowly, if the water breaks occur, be careful.After the amniotic fluid is broken, there is no contraction. The amniotic fluid in the uterus is detected that there is no 5 cm depth. When there is no depth of depth, you must choose a caesarean section. Because the amniotic fluid is not available, the fetus has no oxygen to survive.

Generally speaking, it will cause delivery within 24 hours after breaking the water. After 12 hours after breaking the water, antibiotics must be used to be infected. If there is no contraction after 24 hours after the water is broken, the doctor will start to use oxytocin for mothers.It can be used for three days, and after three days, I can only cut it.

At that time, I didn’t break the water until 24 hours, and I had no contractions. I gave me an infusion of oxytocin, and I started to have contractions.

Whether the amniotic fluid has always been clear, it is an important reference factor to decide whether to have a cesarean section.

3. When did the initial woman produce after seeing the red?

When the first -born women do not have to panic when they see the red, they are generally just false contractions. They do not produce so fast. The most important signs are also regular contractions, which is the advent of real contractions. Sometimes it takes a week later.

4. When did the first maternal deflation be produced after the contraction?

The first maternal usually contracted three times every ten minutes. After the maternal is usually contracted every ten minutes, accompanied by the contraction pain and the opening of the cervix, they must go to the hospital for delivery.

Important tips: The production process of the first birth will be longer and slow. It will be two weeks in advance or postponed for two weeks in production. Pay attention to observing your four important signals of the four major births in the pelvis, seeing red, breaking water, and regular contraction.Everyone has to know.Maternals generally have shorter labor, so they must be prepared early.

When will a maternal who is pregnant for the first time?With these four signs, you must be vigilant.

Today’s topic: Do you break the water or see the red first when you have a baby?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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