Chinese herbal medicines that pregnant women are disabled and cautious. Does Chinese herbal medicine have toxic effects on the fetus?

As a special group, pregnant women need special attention in all aspects during pregnancy.For example, many western medicines indicate that pregnant women avoid it. Maybe everyone said that they can drink Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine has no side effects to be safe and reliable.In fact, Chinese medicine is not absolutely safe.The abuse of Chinese herbal medicine during pregnancy will also bring danger.

The gynecological books of Chinese have mentioned the problem of pregnancy taboos.There are few dozens of drugs, as many as hundreds.In terms of performance, these medicines are mainly promoting blood circulation and qi, scholarship, hot poison, and fragrant fragrance.

1. Activating blood circulation and qi.Such as peach kernels, safflower, motherwort, Achyranthes knee, pangolin, etc., which can accelerate the blood circulation of pregnant women and fail the fetal qi, leading to premature or abortion of the fetus.

2. Slide the drug.Such as talcs, eurites, 、 flowers, ba beans, glory, rhubarb, and mumo, etc., have the effects of tuning and diarrhea.

3. Drugs that are hot and hot, such as aconite, cinnamon, mercury, spots, crickets, cream, aluminum powder, etc., which will most likely heat, dryness, and poisoning and injuries, which can easily cause miscarriage.

4, aromatherapy.Such as musk, lilac, and incense can also cause abortion.

5. In addition, pregnant women also need to use Chinese medicine such as Glauberon, coriander shell, frankincense, no medicine, cinnabar, and majestic yellow.

In recent years, clinical pharmacology has also confirmed that the following Chinese herbal medicine has a toxic effect on the fetus:

Slutherapy and mulberry leaves, dandelion, ceiling, semi -lotus, clearing heat and relieving spasm hook vines, driving wind and damp medicine alone, Qin 耳, Cangei, thunderous vineBell, ginkgo and cough medicine ginkgo, diarrhea, rhinopa, water permeability and diarrhea, promoting blood circulation and stasis, extension of Huoso, deworming medicine, bitterness, diuretic, diuretic, hypertrophic beer flower, tonic qi medicine atractylodes, licoriceMedicine Masang, with external detoxification and swelling and eliminating toads, anti -tumor medicine Changchun flowers, hi tree fruits, triangles and so on.

Reminder: Many toxic and side effects Chinese herbal medicine often appear in square medicines in the form of formula, and pregnant women must also be vigilant when using.The proprietary Chinese medicine that indicates that pregnant women’s ban and use cautiously should be strictly avoided.

Pregnant women’s medication taboos: refers to drugs prohibited from taking women after pregnancy and before childbirth.There are many drugs for pregnant women.Such as: toxic drugs: frost, majestic yellow; fetal drugs: Achyranthes of Achyranthes, Tiannan Xing; Diaoma Drugs: Rhubarb, Gan Sui; Blood Breaking Drugs: Sanlong, Curdia; Fiery Drugs: 蚣, toads, etc.

Basis, creamy mercury, coriander shell 2 Mao root saponed star.

Wino Huaihua and Basou, Achyranthes bull -knee coix and tadpole.

Danpi Euphorbia is ugly, and she is a male and female.

Pinellia peach kernel and crab armor, gallbladder and tapeworm.

Dry painted meat poisonous mulberry land, Tongcao Gan Sui milk does not have the same milk.

Light pink pink grata Qume grass, 砂 砂 轻 轻 轻 轻 天 天 天.

Dahuang cicada molt winter sunflower, Wang Buki ginger muskworm.

The martial arts and strong poison are easy to fall.

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