Chinese medicine pulse interpretation

[Pingmai] The pulse of a healthy person, a breath, beating four times.

[Floating pulse] You can feel the pulse beating when you press lightly.Body characteristics: weak.

[Sinking pulse] You need to re -press to feel the pulse beating.Body characteristics: It may be internal organs.

[Fushuli] Push the bones with heavy hands to feel the pulse beating.Body characteristics: syncope and pain.

[Micro vein] Fine softness, if there is nothing, press it.Body characteristics: qi and blood decline, yang qi defeated.

[Weak pulse] Extremely weak and subtle; physical characteristics: yang deficiency, lack of qi and blood.

[【] Floating and soft potential, re -pressing, can’t feel it.Body characteristics: weak and damp.

[Fine pulse] Pulse, like the thin line, the touch is obvious.Body characteristics: qi and blood deficiency, deficiency and wet disease.

[String pulse] The pulse is thin and powerful, like pressing the piano strings, which is strong and powerful.Body characteristics: hepatobiliary disease, deficiency, stomach qi decay.

[Tight pulse] The pulse is tense and powerful, like a straight rope.Body characteristics: cold, pain, stay.

People with gentle pulse may be weak and weak constitution. It is recommended to eat some blood nourishing qi and nourishing food.

[Arterial] It feels like mung beans faster.Body characteristics: pain and frightened.

[Smooth vein] Like beads slipped, the touch is smooth; physical characteristics: phlegm wet body heat, or women’s pregnancy pulse.

[Astringent vein] Like a blade gently shave bamboo, the pulse is thin; physical characteristics: phlegm dampness, qi stagnation and blood stasis, sperm blood deficiency.

[San pulse] Floating without roots, without a little.Physical characteristics: Disclosing vitality, the vitality of the viscera.

[Deficiency pulse] The weakness of the lift, press the emptiness.Body characteristics: deficiency.

[Real pulse] The three pulses are strong.Body characteristics: real disease.

[Long pulse] The pulse is long, the first tail is straight; physical characteristics: fever, strong yang.

[Short pulse] The first place is short, less than three parts; physical characteristics: qi deficiency or qi stagnation.

[Promotion] Every continuous jump, there will be a pause once, the length of the pause is different; physical characteristics: yin deficiency and weakness, fever.

[Jieli] The pulse beating is slow, occasionally stops, and the length of the stop is different; physical characteristics: qi stagnation and blood stasis, cold.

[Generation pulse] The pulse stops sometimes, and it will be beating again after a long time; the organs are declining, and the seven emotions are frightened.

[Late pulse] The pulse frequency is slow, take a breath, beating less than all; physical characteristics: deficiency.

[Slow pulse] The pulse is slow.Body characteristics: weak spleen and stomach, moisture.

[Several pulse] Fast pulse rate, take a breath, beat more than five times; physical characteristics: deficiency heat.

[Diseases] The pulse jump stops and stops immediately, with a breath of seven or eight, Yang Kang Yin Jing, and the vitality will be taken off.

[Hongmai] Great and powerful, such as the waves of waves, come to prosper and decline; physical characteristics: hot and flourishing, evil prosperity is declining.

[Confucian veins] There is a pulse feeling up and down, left and right, but there is no only in the middle, like pressing the green onion tube.Body characteristics: blood loss and yin.

[Leather] Light press, like pressing the drum skin, solid and powerful.Physical characteristics: great blood loss, yang qi floating outside.

[Prison pulse] There are five kinds of pulse, string, string, real, large, and long pulse, unswervingly.Body characteristics: Yin cold.

Pulse rate:

[Chi Mai] <[Slow Pulse] <[Ping Mai] <[Several Pulse] <[疾 疾]

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