Clinical manifestations and medication of tinea, foot, foot

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A lot of people should encounter this problem, because dermatitis is very comfortable to wipe on the affected area, and many people use dermatitis.Hope that through this article, everyone can take reasonable and safe medicine!


Also known as athletes or Hong Kong feet, a shallow fungal infection that occurs in the feet, metatarsal and toe skin. There are two main ways to spread:

The first is to directly contact patients with ringworm;

The second is to use the foot -footed shoes and socks and daily necessities.

Factors to induce tinea -foot:

(1) sweaty

There are many sweats in the foot of the foot. Due to the poor evaporation of sweat, the skin’s epidermis is white and impregnated, especially the most obvious between the toes. Those with severe sweat can start with blisters, or excessive keratosis.

(2) Pregnancy period

Endocrine disorders reduce the ability of the skin to resist fungi.

(3) Obesity

The gap between the finger (toe) becomes narrow and very humid, and it is easy to induce split foot habit.

(4) Foot skin injury

It destroys the skin’s defense barrier, and fungi is easy to invade.

(5) Patients with diabetes

The lack of insulin in the body causes sugar metabolism, the resistance decreases, and it is easy to induce tinea -footed.

(6) Long -term use of antibiotics, adrenal corticosteroids, immunosuppressants


Also known as goose palm wind, infected with shallow fungal infections that occur in the palm of the palm and fingers, are mostly secondary to tinea.

Foot habits are often divided into 5 types (the same is the same as the tinea as the athlete):

1. Inter -wipe type

Between the 3rd and 4th toe, the whole toe can also be affected. The skin of the toe is soft, peeling, and the skin between some toes is cracked. Sometimes there are red erosion surfaces, odor, and light in summer.

2. Belly blisters

In the feet and feet, there are often blisters in groups or scattered. Local skin is red, sometimes secondary bacterial infections, and blisters become pustules, which are more common in summer.

3. Scale type

The foot of the foot, the damage is dominated by scales, accompanied by a sparse and dry small blisters, with erythema and hills, which can occur in all seasons. It is more common or worsen in summer.

4. Key

The foot heels, the foot of the foot, and the feet, the skin is dry and thick, excessive keratosis, the skin pattern is widened, and it is prone to cracks. It can occur in all seasons. It is more common or worsen in winter.

5. Tingling type

On the back of the feet, the damage is changed by typical arc or ring -shaped somatoscopy, which is often combined with ringworm and is often common or aggravated in summer.

1. Belthane foot ringworm

It can be performed with compound benzoic acid, eleven elene acid ointment, or soaked with 10%ice acetic acid solution or apply 1%Tobinolite cream, mimanzole cream, rubbing for 2 to 4 weeks in a row.

2. Inter -wipe type

Keep as much as possible, pay attention to protect the wound, avoid water washing or using soap, do not scratch, you can first use 0.1%to be soaked with derutidine (Livano) liquid or 3%boric acid liquid.5%to 10%sulfur powder, without obvious erosion, can be used to use ringworm powder, foot light powder, alum powder, or local coating compound water salicylic acid or compound hibiscus skin.When it is not obvious, 10%salicylic acid ointment can be bandaged in conventional.

3. Sarrings and keratosis

It can be complicated phenyl acid ointment, 3%climazole ointment, 2%molkazole cream, 10%salicylic acid ointment or 1%Tabinin cream, external rubbing, for 2 to 4 weeks, or bandaging treatmentEssence

4. Handworm

The medication is the same as the foot ringworm.The best way to treat tinea -tinea is to use drug packets. Before going to bed, 10%salicylic acid ointment, compound benzoic acid ointment, 20뺉cream (can be selected for one) are applied to the hand and massage for 5 minutes.Wrap it with plastic film and 3 layers of gauze for 1 to 2 weeks in a row.


The drug is a broad -spectrum antifungal drug, which has the effect of anti -leather positive, negative bacteria and anti -inflammatory effects. Therefore, it is very suitable for the treatment of tinea -shaped foot -shaped foot -shaped foot -shaped feet infection.For external use, you should rub it gently after applying it for several minutes, 2 weeks for a course of treatment.

Phenylpazole cream

It is used to treat various skin fungal diseases, such as hand, foot habit, body, stock, tinea, and tinea. It is used for 2 to 4 weeks as a course of treatment.The affected area is coated and gently rubbed for a few minutes.

Oral antifungal treatment

The above hands, ringworm, especially the keratinized crack -type foot ringworm.


For foot habitors with purulent infections.


Clinically, systemic infections are mainly used in deep fungi, such as fungal keratitis, oral rosary disease, skin fungal infection such as samples, stocks, hand and foot habits, and nailing.Tinea -tinea needs to take one week for one week for a week, for March, and the course of treatment has been extended to 6 months in individual circumstances.


Treatment of severe physical stocks, tinea, and nails, and take 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 to 3 months in a row.

Climole preparation

Allergies and stimulation symptoms can occur.Women are not taboo to apply clonazole locally on the skin.


Local allergies can occur, such as itching, burning sensation, erythema; very few people have burning pain and peeling.Use once a day, but it is best to use it before rest at night.Pain may occur after applying the medication site and peripheral edema.These adverse reactions can disappear after discontinuation.Children must be used under adult care.During breastfeeding, this product must not be applied to the chest. In the first three months of pregnancy, do not use this product without consulting your doctor.


Local external use can cause skin irritation.Avoid contact with the eyes.Washing agents should be used for the friction site. After applying a small amount of cream, rub it evenly to avoid soaking.EssenceIf the skin has erosion noodles, the washing agent should be used first (no cream).

Cyclopione cream

Topical use, occasional local stimulation symptoms, occasionally contact dermatitis can occur.Avoid contact with the eyes and other mucosa (such as mouth, nose, etc.).If there are burning sensations, redness and swelling, etc., the drug should be discontinued, and the local drugs should be washed, and the doctor will consult if necessary.Pregnant women and lactating women use it with caution, and children are disabled.

Eleven annexic acid ointment

After the symptoms disappear, the medication should be continued for 2 weeks. If the treatment has not improved for 4 weeks, you should consult a doctor.For long -lasting fungal infections, use scams during the day and ointment at night.After the infection is relieved and the symptoms disappear, the scammer can be continued to prevent re -infection.

Ketonazole milk cream

For patients with urgency and chronic liver disease.The opportunity for liver toxicity to be used with ethanol has increased. Therefore, those who receive long -term treatment or have a history of liver disease should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.Pregnant women and lactating women should weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Glucocorticoid preparation

Before the body and the ringworm have not been cured, the application is prohibited, such as Qu Annar (de -inflammatory pine) cream and Fluobinende (easy skin) cream, so as not to aggravate the lesion.

① During the period of external drugs, try not to wash the skin as much as possible, use less or soap and alkaline drugs, and take a bath less to extend the time for antifungal drugs to stay on the body surface, consolidate and improve the efficacy;

② If the patient suffers from hand and foot habits at the same time, he must be treated at the same time to avoid re -infection by being grasped.Patients with diabetes with diabetes, while applying antifungal drugs, should control blood glucose;

③ Keep dry and pay attention to personal hygiene. Moisting types of athletes should not be washed with hot water. Shoes and socks should be washed regularly. In the humid season in summer, it is advisable to unlock the shoelaces in appropriate occasions to release moisture.The skin of the stock and thigh is dry;

④ Avoid direct contact with disease beasts, cats, and sick dogs to prevent the spread of fungi.Athlete

① Sweeping shoes with good breathability and keeping the shoes and socks are clean and dry. The shoes can use short -wave ultraviolet rays such as ultraviolet rays to remove bacteria and pathogenic fungi to reduce recurrence.

② Avoid sweating in the liquid and other liquids such as hand, feet, and feet for a long time.

③ Do not share daily items with others, such as nail knives, shoes, socks, etc.The results of the study show that the effect of short -term oral combination of antifungal antifungal drugs on medium -to -severity is equivalent to oral antifungal drugs in conventional treatment, and it is better than that of antifungal drugs alone.Correct misunderstanding

① After the symptoms of external drugs disappear, the fungus still survives in skin scales or close -fitting clothing. When encountering a warm environment, it will reproduce a lot, leading to recurrence of ringworm disease.Therefore, after the surface symptoms disappear, they still need to use the medicine for 1 to 2 weeks.

② Hormone drugs have a strong anti -inflammatory effect and immunosuppressive effect.The abuse of hormone ointment can cause adverse reactions such as skin atrophy, capillaries, and hair.Tingling, hand, and ringworm, and ringworm are caused by fungal infections. The rubbin ointment can often only be relieved for a while. However, because the immune effect is suppressed, it has promoted fungal reproduction and aggravated the condition.

③ Most of the oral or external antifungal drugs belong to prescription drugs. You need to be cautious and are used by the doctor to discuss the prescription.Key points

① Bacterial skin disease can be cured, but it is easy to relapse or infection. Correct prevention measures are essential to reduce recurrence and reduce spread.If family members or pets with ringworm should be actively treated, measures should be taken, hot, cooked, smoked, etc. For polluted clothing.Frequent life.

② People with diabetes are prone to ringworm, because the sugar content in the skin is increased, which provides nutrients for the growth and reproduction of fungi.

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