Coffee -colored secretions appear in the early pregnancy. Is the problem serious?

For female friends for pregnancy, the news of knowing that she is pregnant is really happy to float into the clouds. A friend of the editor of the year ago was preparing for pregnancy. As a result, a picture was suddenly sent yesterday.The pregnancy test stick, looking at her joy, I feel that she is really the happiest woman. Although it is about to face the discomfort brought by pregnancy and a series of changes in her own, it is really not false for her mother.Become well!

However, recently, many friends have left a message on our public platform that they are pregnant. They can have a brown secretion recently, and even a few friends have bright red secretions. They are all worried. Is this going on?Intersection

In fact, to be honest, the occurrence of blood -colored secretions is really a sign of signs. Therefore, if the condition of blood -colored secretions occurs, do not delay. Go to the hospital to check the level of hormones and the baby’s condition in a timely manner.Tire protection.

Of course, in addition to going to the hospital in time, you must also pay attention to the following problems in your usual life:

1. Guarantee a full rest

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is not suitable for some activities with relatively large intensity.Of course, what we are talking about is not to lie down all the time. As long as the situation is not very critical, proper restraint, do not engage in too severe activities.OK

2. Pay attention to the bleeding situation

If brown discharge appears, in addition to timely in the hospital to check the tire, pay more attention to changes in the amount of bleeding during the recuperation process.If it has always been coffee or fade in color, and the amount is relatively small, just keep your baby in order to protect your fetus or be fully restrained.However, if the amount of bleeding becomes larger, or the color becomes bright red, or some friends have obvious abdominal pain. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment to monitor the situation of pregnant mothers and babies in a timely manner.

3. Control your emotions

Many people are anxious once the brown secretions have appeared. In fact, the anxiety of pregnant mothers also affects the baby.If the brown secretions appear in time to check the examination in time, just follow the doctor’s advice. You don’t have to be too anxious. In fact, the case of brown secretions in the early pregnancy is really a relatively common situation.Tire, believe in the willpower of pregnant mothers and babies.

I wish everyone a good pregnancy as soon as possible!Those who have succeeded in pregnancy can retain their healthy and good babies!

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