Cold and fever, "Kua Ke" and "ibuprofen" regardless of use?Give you 5 medicines to quickly reduce fever and don’t hurt your body

Academician Zhong Nanshan also said a few days ago that there will be a wave of "Eryang" and a popular cold mixing in June.Now in the summer, the weather has changed a lot. After a while, it will be cold and cold, causing the human body’s immunity to suddenly decrease, and people are beginning to suffer from colds.

Have you found out recently?As long as you go out, you can see more and more people start wearing a mask again, because many people have a popular cold, and many people are "Eryang".

Therefore, in order to prevent it in time, Dr. Hu today recommends you a few medicines to help you quickly reduce fever and use it for the elderly and children. It is safe and not hurt.

If there is a high fever, the body is particularly afraid of cold, but the body is not sweaty, and it is accompanied by headache and runny nose symptoms. At this time, you can refer to the Sichuan dome tea granules to reduce fever.

If there are symptoms of fever, but cough and cough are more severe, the brain pain of the shock, especially the cough at night than during the day, is also accompanied by phlegm, fear of cold, and runny nose.Refer to the Tongxuan Ling Granules to reduce fever and relieve cough.

If there is a fever, it is also accompanied by sweating, swelling and pain from time to time, or difficulty in swallowing, dried water, or yellow sticky nose, vomiting and phlegm.You can refer to a silver -threw detoxification particles to clear heat and reduce fever.

Everyone should hear or use this medicine, but it has a good effect with adults and children with food accumulation.If you have fever symptoms, it is accompanied by cold, runny nose, bad breath, or bloating, do not want to eat, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.

If you have the symptoms of fever, it is also accompanied by cough, tonsil inflammation, sore throat, and sweating, dry mouth and want to drink water and bitter. For these situations, you can take firewood particles to reduce fever and anti -inflammatory.

In addition to the above five medicines, the medicines that can be applied for colds and fever, regardless of the adults, or children: Lianhua Qingjuan capsule, Xiao Chaihu particles, Huoxiang Zhengqi oral liquid (excluding alcohol), Pudi blue,Chai Gui antipyretic particles and other medicines.

If you keep fever and not retreat, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time.Well, here is here that Dr. Hu shared here.If you do n’t understand anything, you can leave a message!I wish you all good health!

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