Come to auntie when you are pregnant?It may be that these situations are affecting you

For some women, the monthly physiological period can be said to be very annoying. Not to mention other, the symptoms of some female physiological dysmenorrhea are enough to make women unbearable.But for pregnant women, although it is difficult in the long October’s pregnancy, the thunderous period of time has also disappeared temporarily.For some mothers, they are also a little psychological comfort, but there are always exceptions in everything, that is, some expectant mothers will also come to the physiological period after pregnancy, which often makes them panic.

Because after pregnancy, the disappearance of the holiday after pregnancy should be well known, and it is inevitable that the mothers will be very disturbed after an abnormal phenomenon.Ms. Hu was so. I had been immersed in joy after I learned the exact news of pregnancy after the hospital examination.However, it was time for a few days to come when the usual holiday came, and never expected that Ms. Hu’s physiological period did not disappear.After Ms. Hu told her husband again, her husband couldn’t touch it, but he took Ms. Hu to the hospital for examination with anxiety.

After understanding the situation, the doctor also made Ms. Hu and her husband a little irritable and explained it.The reason why pregnant women disappear temporarily because the fertilized eggs successfully bed to the endometrium on the uterine, the body will not ovulate again. The level of estrogen and progesterone in women during pregnancy continues to increase.Menstruation will not appear again.However, there will also be special circumstances. The fertilized eggs are not stable, and the placenta has not formed. When the time comes to menstruation again, at this time, expectant mothers will usher in their own physiological period.However, the amount and duration will be shorter and shorter than usual, so there is no need to worry too much.

If you feel abnormal, you can go to the hospital for detailed examination.Be careful, and everything must be centered on the children in the stomach to ensure that the child can grow and grow in the mother’s belly. It is the most important thing.

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