Common sense of pregnancy, you know

Moms and dads who are ready for babies should pay attention to the healthy eggs and sperm can bred a healthy baby, so the parents who intend to want the baby must adjust their bodies to the best state before asking their children.

1. Food therapy to improve the quality of eggs.

1. Black beans (supplement estrogen)

Time: After menstruation clean, eat black beans for 6 days.

Method: Soak several black beans with water for about 12 hours, and then boil it with water until cooked, and put less salt.From the end of the menstruation, I eat 47 a day and eat for 6 days.(Note: This is eaten by prospective mothers in the future. Don’t eat prospective dad in the future)

2, turtle soup

Time: After 5 days of menstruation, eat only once a cycle each time (because this soup can promote follicular development. If the follicles are not developing well, you can eat it again)

Material: a pound of heavy turtles, 10 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of potato meat.10 grams of Huaishan, stewed for about 45 minutes.(Note: wolfberry, potato meat, quasi -mountains, pharmacies are available).

Method: The film of the turtle epidermis should be burned with boiling water first, slaughter into small pieces, put some ginger and green onion when cooking, and put some lard when it is cooked for 40 minutes.Sour, the taste is okay.

2. Warm Palace: Most of the women are a bit cold, and those who are cold and cold can try

1. Brown sugar ginger water

Time: From the next day after menstruation, we will take 7 days in a row for 7 days

Usage: Use 250 grams of brown sugar to add L50 grams of ginger and water, chop the ginger to break, steam for 30 minutes, divide into 7 copies.(It is best to eat on an empty stomach in the morning. Do not have the same room with your husband in these 7 days, and then have the same room after 7 days.)

2, wormwood feet

Boil a large pot of water with wormwood 1 or 2 times a week. You can buy 30 yuan of wormwood first, a lot of large piles. Each time you grab two large stoves and boil your feet.EssenceThe sequelae are yellow after soaking.However, it doesn’t matter. After the child’s breastfeeding is over, it is diluted with white vinegar to soak the feet in hot water.

Third, abstain from bad habits: Everyone is familiar with smoking and drinking, especially the parents who do not quit alcohol are extremely irresponsible parents.

4. Prepare items and precautions

1. Prepare the ovulation test strip, so much good.

2. The thermometer, it is recommended to buy a good one.

3. Check before pregnancy.If you have a puppy and a kitten, pay special attention to the monitoring of Toxoplasma.In addition, eating lamb skewers is also prone to infection of Toxoplasma. It is best not to eat it within half a year.It is generally recommended to send a small pet away from fostering at the beginning of pregnancy, which is more appropriate.

Finally, I wish the parents who are going to prepare for the baby successfully prepare for pregnancy and have a healthy and beautiful baby!

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