Common symptoms and treatment during pregnancy, expert answers are worth collecting

Pregnant mothers are more or less uncomfortable during pregnancy. Today, let’s take you to understand the common symptoms and treatment methods during pregnancy!

1. Constipation

It is common during pregnancy.Intestinal motility and intestinal tension are weakened, the emptiness time is prolonged, and the water is absorbed by the intestinal wall. In addition, the increased pregnancy uterus and fetal first exposed parts are often compressed to the lower section of the intestine, which often causes constipation.

Pregnant women with normal bowel habits can prevent constipation during pregnancy. Drink a glass of boiling water every morning to eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are easy to digest and have a lot of cellulose, and perform appropriate exercise daily.

Develop a good habit of defecating on time.If necessary, use a laxative, such as Kaisai and glycerin, so that the feces are lubricated and easy to discharge.

2. Hemorrhoids

The hemorrhoidal veins can appear for the first time during pregnancy, and pregnancy can recur and deteriorate existing hemorrhoids.

This is due to increasing the constipation of the pregnancy uterus or pregnancy to prevent the hemorrhoid vein from being blocked, causing the rectal vein pressure to rise.In addition to eating more vegetables and eating less spicy foods, sitting bath and taking a laxative through warm water can relieve the pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids.

3. Symptoms of the digestive system

Early pregnancy nausea and common vomiting, eat less, eat more, avoid greasy food.Vomiting seriously affects medical treatment in time when eating.

4. Back pain

The joints of the joints during pregnancy are relaxed, and the increased pregnancy uterus moves forward to move the body’s center of gravity back, and the lumbar spine is forward, causing the back muscles to be in a state of continuous tension, and pregnant women often have slight back pain.

During the rest, the waist and back pillow can relieve pain. If necessary, you should rest in bed rest, local hot compresses and painkillers.If you have obvious back pain, you should find the cause in time and treat it according to the cause.

5. The lower limbs and vulva veins

Varic veins have increased the pressure of the femoral vein due to the increase of the undercibly vein of the uterine compression, and gradually increased with the increase of the number of pregnancy.Standing for a long time should be avoided for a long time, and sleeping in the evening should be properly raised to facilitate venous return.

6, anemia

Pregnant women have increased iron demand for iron in the evening of pregnancy, and they are obviously insufficient by replenishment by diet. They should start supplementing iron at 4 to 5 months of pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.

7, lower limb muscle spasm

It is a manifestation of calcium deficiency in pregnant women, and muscle spasm occurs mostly in the calf bowel muscles.Pregnant women with lower limb muscle spasm should replenish calcium in time under the guidance of a doctor.

8. lower limb edema

Pregnant women often have mild edema at the ankle and lower part of the calf in the third trimester.

Sleep takes the left side position, and the lower limbs can be reduced by 15 degrees to reduce edema.If the edema is obvious and the rest is still not retreated, you should seek medical treatment in time to find the cause.

9. Hold blood pressure on supine position

In the third pregnancy, if the pregnant woman takes a long period of time, the lying position is taken for a long time. Due to increasing the intravenous veins of the uterine compression of the uterine, the blood pressure and the volume of the heart discharge suddenly decreased, and the hypotension occurs.normal.

10. Vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease

Thirty%of pregnant women can cultivate fake silk yeast in the vaginal secretions.Most pregnant women are asymptomatic. Some pregnant women have increased vaginal secretions and itching of vulva with pain and redness.The secretions should be checked in time during the checkup, and doctors will take medicine according to the situation of pregnant women.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers must be checked on time. If you find that your body is very uncomfortable, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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