Congratulations, get pregnant

The doctor handed me the inspection report.

I looked at the slightly bulging belly, and I was speechless.

After my body was chaotic, I restored my body control, but during the period when my body was controlled, I had no memory. I didn’t know what she had done to my body.

So, who is his dad?


"I want to get it!" I told the doctor without hesitation. The doctor looked at the operation and said that it would take three days as soon as possible, and I just let me go back and think about the child’s stay.

After leaving the hospital, I took a taxi and returned to the rented house. When I got out of the car, I took out my mobile phone to scan the code, but it always showed that the balance was insufficient.

Dongpinxi took a few minutes to barely pay the fare. At this time, I was already angry without playing, and the scene in front of my home was even more angry.

All the value -based electrical furniture in the rental house is gone, and all my clothes are replaced by the nightclub girl style. I can’t even find any "decent" clothes.

I worked hard to work for a few years, all of which were spent by her, and her job was resigned.

"So I don’t even have a baby’s money?" Suddenly I realized that I was sitting on the ground.

I can only put my hopes on the "child dad", so I quickly opened WeChat and wanted to find the other party for money.

This is unbearable. There are dozens of boys in WeChat, from "spare tire No. 1" to "Tire No. 25", and there are countless news waiting for me to recover.

This time I collapsed completely.

After calming down, I opened the message and prepared to start with the chat history, but she still had the habit of deleting messages. The previous records were not saved, but all these "spare tires" were not bad.

This makes my mother’s single -seeing one more envious.

Standard No. 7: "I don’t forget tonight!"

Positioning is a bar.

The location was not far away, just near this, so I decided to find out.

In the cabinet, either exposed legs or exposed clothes, barely found a white T but it is transparent. Compared to others, I am very satisfied.

At night, I was caught by a yellow hair as soon as I entered the bar, and took me directly to a group of people.

"This is my girlfriend!"

"Yes, Yu Shao, another one."

"What to say, go, go, Qiao Qiao will be my last girlfriend, because …" said Yu Wen kneeling on one knee, took out the diamond ring, and looked at me with expectations.

I see it for a while.

Is this a proposal?

The people next to me were coaxing, and the atmosphere had been settled here. I was a little bit difficult, so I bowed my head and approached his ear.

"We … Have you slept?"

Yu Wen first shook his head.

"That’s not okay." I turned around and left the bar quickly, and also changed his remarks.

Although I am very poor now, and the diamond ring looks quite big, I can’t be so inconvenient. I ca n’t marry myself because I have no money, or solve the things in my stomach.

After returning home, I saw the news that was easy to send, full of crying emoticons.

Now I can’t comfort him, and I still worry about solving my own things.

The circle of friends who left all the spare tires turned over and did not see a photo or the like, so it was really just spare tires, and there was no development.

When I was guessing, WeChat received another message.

Tire No. 3: Is there time?Come in a skirt, hehe!

Five hundred transfer.

Hotel positioning.

When I saw this news, I was shocked!

what is this!

Could it be that she still uses my body to change money?And it is only five hundred yuan, is it too cheap?


If this is the case, it means that the two have a close relationship, maybe the child in the stomach is his?

So I immediately rushed over. If he really wanted him to be responsible, it would not be a solution that could be solved.

Half an hour later I came to the door and looked at the words "The script kill" on the door, and I didn’t respond a bit.

It’s right here, but this floor is played by the script.

"Qiao Qiao, what are you standing?" A boy wearing black -frame glasses came out. He looked not older, maybe a few years younger than me, and there were two little pear vortexes in the corners of his lips.Quite cute.

"Isn’t it let you wear a skirt? Forget it, then change the character, go, go in and watch the script." Saying the boy grabbed my shoulders naturally and walked in.

I pushed him away uncomfortably, and played a few hours of script killing, and gradually figured out after playing.

I’m here to play with it. I played five hundred yuan once. I had already received a few times by the woman and holding my body.

It turned out that I thought too much, but this younger brother looked pretty good, and it was very warm to maintain me in front of his friend.

After the game, my brother took the initiative to send me back. I also knew his name in the chat, and quickly changed the WeChat remarks -Lin Yu.

Another five hundred pieces can be regarded as solving my urgency, but it is not enough!

what to do?

The urgent work is to make money, and I have to make fast money. I searched online and had to prepare at least five or six thousand for surgery.There may be a few left.

What are the ways to make fast money?

Suddenly I will want to send these "spare tires".

Yu Wen looks like a son, and the brand of the little milk dog Lin Yu should also be rich.

But I was still embarrassed to borrow it to borrow the initiative. When I was thinking about it, my stomach gurked up, and then I reacted that I didn’t eat it all day, and I don’t know if it was the reason for pregnancy.I don’t like sour food, but today I was very sour.

I ran to the nearby night market ate a bowl of hot and sour powder, but it was not addictive. I went to the nearby fruit shop to buy some sour plums. It was going to rain when I was going back.Essence

"Don’t run!" Suddenly a voice in the crowd passed into my ears, and my footsteps immediately stopped.

Memory was instantly stimulated, and some strange clips flashed in my mind.

I was in a room and wanted to run out. There was a man who roared behind me. When I was almost caught at the door, he dragged me into the room …

This strange memory is just like my biological experience, but at this time my memory has become very chaotic. I don’t know whether it is my experience or the memory after being crossed.

"Joe Qiao?" A man’s voice sounded, and suddenly my goose bumps rose up.

Isn’t this sound grasping my man’s voice in memory?


When I turned around, when I didn’t respond, my arm had been caught forcefully. In front of me was a man wearing a black shirt, and he looked at me with a frown.

"Go with me!" The man’s low voice said.

"Who are you? What do you want to do?!" I pushed him away hard, but the more I struggled him, the harder I struggled.

The man didn’t say a word and dragged me towards a black business car parked on the side of the road.

Looking at this scene, I immediately thought of the plot in the TV series. Is this going on the street?



I hurriedly asked for help.

How dare he dares in this street where people come and go?Intersection

My call for help really attracted passers -by, but in the eyes of everyone’s doubt, he dragged me to the side of the car.

"Help, I don’t know him, I really don’t know him!" I shouted loudly and resisted the door with my hands.

This time, someone finally helped someone, and a couple stepped forward to stop: "You let go of her, otherwise I will call the police."

"Alarm, help me call the police!" My eyes sent a signal for help.

The man loosened my hand, and the dark pupils stared at me.

And I didn’t dare to stay here, and hurried back after thanking the couple.

When I got home, I closed the door tightly, and my mouth gasped, and the scene just scared me to death.

Who is that man?

Why does my memory have him, what happened to him before?

"This damn female, really killed me!"

Although I was so depressed at this time, my stomach was hungry again, but I didn’t dare to go out. Fortunately, I played some money with Lin Yu, so I immediately ordered a takeaway.

When I took a takeaway time, I decided to find a clue on my mobile phone.

But the photos or call records are clean. Just as I was wondering, the phone received the message.

[Do you want to hide from me?.

Suddenly I widened my pupils, and the hand holding my phone trembled slightly.

This is a strange number, shouldn’t it be the man just now?

Although curious in his heart, he didn’t dare to reply at all. Thinking of the man’s eyes, he felt scary, and he was afraid that he would trouble me along the Internet.

When the takeaway called, I asked him to put him at the door. After staring at the cat’s eyes for a long time, I was sure that no one was outside the door, so I dared to get it.

I haven’t figured out these chaotic spare tires, and now there are more strange men.

"Although I didn’t have a male friend before, I don’t have to give me so much at once?" I glanced at my phone depressed.

The "trouble" in my belly has not been solved, and now I have created new trouble for me.

Why am I so unlucky …

The sadness rolled in his heart, and the tears fell down.


The door bell suddenly rang.

I subconsciously covered my mouth with my hands and did not make a sound.

It’s late at night, who will come to me?


I carefully looked at the cat’s eyes and looked at it. His brim was very low. I couldn’t see his face, and his hands were still pressing the doorbell.

Who is this?

After seeing I didn’t open the door, he turned around and took a phone call.

I listened to him with ears.

"Boss, she is not at home."

When I heard this, my heartbeat stopped abruptly, and my brows were locked.

Is this a black boss?

The man hung up the phone and turned around and left. At this moment, my phone suddenly rang, and it was a strange number just sent to send a message.

I hurriedly hung up, but it seemed too late, and the people outside the door seemed to hear it.

He slowly walked towards the door, and suddenly his eyes faced the cat’s eyes. At this time, I panicked and felt that he was staring at me!

When I was at a loss, the man suddenly turned and left.

I took a deep breath, returned to the sofa and sat on the sofa, and the forehead was sweating.

"Damn, who is she provoked?"

Think of my calm life before, she lost a deep water bomb in my life.

Why am I so unlucky?

It seems that when you are in a hurry, you have to move quickly, otherwise the enemy is looking for it. I don’t know how to die at that time.

Money, I need a lot of money now!

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep, so I started to find a job online, and I received a private message when I was walking around.

[Are you looking for a job?The basic salary is 8,000, and you can pre -salary..

Is there such a good thing?

I immediately responded, and the other party was very enthusiastic, and told me that it was sold. As long as it was very simple in diligence, it was very simple. I immediately left a contact information to prepare for the interview.

The next day I found the company according to the address. The company was not large, but there were quite a few people who applied for, and it was my turn.

After entering, I filled a bunch of information, and then took me to another room.

The manager of the personnel department handed me a heavy backpack.

"These are the products to be sold. This is the championship book. You can learn it."

I opened the championship with curiosity and looked at it.

1: Bar, KTV, and supper are the best sales points.

2: Pay attention to personal safety.

I frowned immediately. The sales manual was a bit thick, but it was blank when I turned it back. There were only these two sentences in the whole book.

According to these two information, I suddenly had a bad hunch in my mind.

Isn’t it a drug in this backpack?

But how could there be a company that sells that stuff openly and gives a lot of sacks.

I opened my backpack with curiosity. The small toys in front of my eyes made me look several times more than my pupils. The expression on my face was very complicated.

Shame, embarrassing, overwhelmed …

"I want to press the ID card here!"

When I heard this voice, all my mood dissipated instantly, and immediately took out my ID card to pre -save 6,000 yuan.

"After selling the goods in the backpack, the ID card can be retreated." The finance said lazily, and then asked me to sign it.

I have reached this, I don’t care, I signed and left the company with a backpack with my backpack.

Put on a mask, who knows me?

But the security guard at the door of the bar stopped me. I did n’t go to soak at first glance, so I could only move to the supper stall.

I was a little timid to see those uncle who was shouted in the bottle. I went to find a few young ladies who were eating grilled fish.

I came to them mysteriously and opened the backpack zipper.

"Do you need it? Buy one get one away!"

A few ladies looked at me with wide eyes, and stopped talking, and in silence, I silently pulled the zipper.

My face under the mask was so red.

"Wait a moment!"

When I was ready to leave, one of the young ladies called me, and then added my WeChat. If I want me to post some photos on WeChat, if necessary, I will mail it.

Although there was no transaction, it was a step ahead. I became daring to get bigger. I thought that everyone might be embarrassed, so I added a wave of friends everywhere, and I added a dozen in the supper stall.

Suddenly I thought of the bar, there were many beautiful women there, and they were all young and vigorous people. Isn’t this my customer group?

So I went home to dress up carefully, put on makeup on a small skirt, entered the bar smoothly, and began to publicize at the table.

After a while, I added dozens of work, and I changed another bar.

After busy one night, I added more than a hundred, and I was paralyzed when I returned home, but the most important thing has not been done yet.

Take pictures of the product, I am preparing to send a group, but I think it’s so late, and it is not good to disturb others.

So I simply sent a circle of friends.

Copywriting: It’s better to be alone, everyone is really good, everyone is really good, all products are delivered in the same city, free shipping!

Coupled with the photos of Jiugongge.

As soon as I sent it, I immediately received the news.

"???" Yu Wen.

"What do you send?" Yu Wen.

"Are you selling goods?" Yu Wen.

Oops, forget to block those spare tires.

Forget it, it has been here, and what kind of face is it, maybe they will still introduce me to business.

I was about to reply, and the mysterious strange number suddenly came, and I was scared.

Wouldn’t it be troublesome to come to me again, right?

I was a little scared to think of the situation last night, so I quickly changed my clothes and packed up a few things to go.


It seems that it is too late!

The knock on the door came from the door. I was frightened and retreated, and I hurriedly picked up the broom next to it as a weapon.

"Open the door!"

The sound came from outside the door, the sound of the man!

Yesterday I almost took me on the man who took the car and took away!

Who is he?

What happened to that woman with my body?

"Joe Qiao, you don’t open the door again, I’m going to call the police!" The man outside the door came with a low voice.

What kind of ghost, is the person who calls the police?

This reminded me that before he broke in, I hurriedly called to call the police.

"Hey, 110? You quickly sent someone to come over. I was threatened by life. Someone had to break into my room! Please come over!"

After reporting the address, I was anxiously waiting for the police to come to the door.

The police came for more than ten minutes, and all my panic immediately removed, so I dared to open the door to confront the man.

"You misunderstood, she is my girlfriend and has been having a temper recently." I heard this sentence as soon as I opened the door.

I hurriedly shook my head and denied: "No police uncle, I don’t know him, I don’t know him at all!"

Men took out their mobile phones in a hurry, opened the album and handed it to the police.

Seeing the intimate photo of the police sliding in the mobile phone, it seemed to be larger than one.

"It is not advisable to watch it behind." The man said that he took the phone back and extinguished the screen.


Wait, the important thing is not this!


The police looked at me and seemed to be waiting for my answer.

"Maybe … maybe I have associated with him, but … I’m really unfamiliar with him now!" I shook my head desperately.

"That day he wanted to pull me up on the street!"

The two policemen looked at the man and seemed a bit suspicious.

I immediately added oil and vinegar: "Actually, I have been injured recently, which has led to amnesia, so I don’t remember to associate with him at all, but now it seems that I think his behavior may have a tendency to violence, maybe … leading to amnesia for amnesiaThe injury was he made! "

"Amnesia?" The man looked at me in doubt, and there seemed to be still distressed in his eyes.

I pointed at him with wide eyes, "Don’t pretend! Is it my domestic violent me? Otherwise, how could I have amnesia for no reason!"

"Joe Qiao …" His voice was low and soft, and he thought of it.

I just wanted the police to take him away, but I did not expect that because I couldn’t understand it, both of us were taken to the police station.

After I came to the police station, I was panicked. The police asked me that I was also supporting me. I could only use amnesia as an excuse. At this time, I also learned that the man’s name -Li Qi.

When I heard this name, my heartbeat was inexplicably accelerated, and I didn’t know if it was scared or what, and the strange picture flashed in my mind.

What happened to that memory?

What kind of entanglement does my body have with this man?

"Joe Qiao, let’s go!" Li Qi’s voice came, and I was startled when he heard his voice.

When he turned around, he just bent down, "I have explained it clearly, let me take you back."

"Ah?" I hadn’t responded yet, and his hand had been held by him. Then his lips whispered close to my ear: "Do you want to stay in the police station all night?"

I do not want.

So he got up and left the police station with him.

As soon as I walked out of the door, I saw the black business car again, and I was a little scared.

I stopped and hesitated.

"I really don’t know me?" Li Qi asked suddenly.

I shook my head and looked at him. At this time, it seemed that he didn’t seem to be so terrible, but he had some tenderness.

"Don’t you tell me from beginning to end?"

"Yes, get in the car." Li Qi stepped forward and opened the door.

I shook my head and pointed at the stone steps next to the police station, "Let’s talk about it here."

I dare not get on the bus, but the police station is safe.

Li Qi frowned slightly, but still agreed, so I sat with him on the stone steps and listened to him about the "story" about me and him.

"To be precise, we just started confirming the relationship."

Just after listening to the words of Liqi, my heart suddenly stunned.

Just confirmed the relationship?How long is that?The child in the belly is not his.

"What’s wrong with you?" Li Qi probably saw me shocked, a little confused.

"That … Can you just say the point directly?" I squeezed my fingers.

"What do you mean?" Li Qi stared at me.

I frowned and pointed at his mobile phone. "Before you showed the police photos, there seemed to be a lot of intimate photos. Didn’t you still say that you should not watch it later? So I was thinking … do we …"

"Yes." Without waiting for me to finish, Li Qi gave me a positive look.

Suddenly my face was hot.

Forget it, anyway, I have reached this, and I am also out.

"When are we for the first time?" I stared at him with a blink of my eyes.

I have to calculate the next time to see if the children in my stomach are him.

"Huh?" Li Qi obviously stunned, and the naked eye showed a touch of panic in his eyes.

"What’s wrong? Can you say it?" I stared at him with eyes, and seemed to have a little expectation.

Li Qi frowned, a little embarrassing cough, "Three months ago."


Three months ago?How can it be!

"You talk messy!" I stood up, pointed at him with anxiety, and his face was suddenly red.

From the perspective of the date, it has been less than three months to occupy my body to occupy my body. Three months ago, I was still myself, and I was completely impressed.

He is lying!

"I didn’t talk about it." Liqi frowned deeper.

"Fart! You have the ability to get evidence!" I was ashamed and annoyed at this time. I took a few steps back, but I didn’t notice the steps behind me.

Stepping on the air, before he had time to scream, his body had already leaned back.

It’s over!

Suddenly my hand in the air was caught by Li Qi, and as he dragged hard, my whole body was planted in his arms.

A faint pine fragrance came.

The taste on his body is so familiar …

I looked up, Li Qi was lowered, and suddenly my close distance made me a little overwhelmed.

"The evidence you said refers to … posture or …"

"Don’t be nonsense!" I instinctively reached out and covered his lips. His lips were sticking to my palm, and he was scratching his heart.

I panicked from his arms, holding the corner of his clothes at a loss, and fled from him in front of him.

When I got home, my mood could not be calm for a long time.

how can that be possible?

I didn’t have any impression at all, and the photos taken in his mobile phone seemed to be so intimate that it should not be a day or two.

"Did he remember the wrong time?" I bit my fingers, and my face was twisted into bitter gourd. I tried hard to remember, but I couldn’t remember it.

I even forgot what happened on the day when she was occupied by the woman.

The more you think about your head, the more messy.

The trouble should end it!

In any case, I have to face these problems in order to figure out who the children in the stomach are.

So I pretended to call Li Qi.

"Hey, it’s me." The moment I connected the phone, my palm was sweating.

"What’s wrong?" Li Qi’s voice was cold and gentle.

I bit my lip tightly and thought about it!

So he gathered courage: "Can you say how we know it?"

"How specific?" He was still calm.

At this time, my lips were almost bitten by me, and finally I still stunned a few words: "From beginning to end!"

"Are you sure in the middle of the night?" Li Qi asked.

"Determine and confirm! You hurry up." Mother -in -law.

Li Qi cough softly: "You drank too much that day, come to my room, the overlord has a hard bow …"


"I ask you how we know, what are you talking nonsense!"

I’m really angry!

"Well, that’s how you know." Li Qi said.

"Impossible! How can I drink too much, I don’t get wine …" Wait!

Three months ago, I seemed to drink too much one day.


That day I was going to meet the online dating objects for half a year. I chatted across the screen before, and I often talked about late at night. I have said any tiger and wolf, but I really want to meet.

In order to sturdy, I did a bottle of beer in a convenience store downstairs. I felt good at the original, but after taking the car to the destination, I gradually went up. I only saw a lot of figures dangling in front of me.

I remember I seemed to vomit.

It seems to vomit who has vomited.

After that … what happened?

Suddenly I thought of that picture again. At this time, the memory seemed to be clearer, and the room seemed to be a hotel.

"Li Qi, shouldn’t you … it’s the danger of people!" I roared at my phone angrily.

"Huh? Remember?" Li Qi asked.

I hung up the phone quickly and pressed my heart in my heart.

Remember, but I didn’t remember it completely.

What happened before going to the hotel?And my online dating object LS.

I opened WeChat in a panic and wanted to find LS and asked, but I didn’t expect that there was no friend at all.

"Damn, it’s deleted." I exhaled depressed.

I could only ask Li Qi to ask. When I opened the call record, when I was about to allocate over, my brain suddenly turned light.

"LS, Li Qi? No!" I covered my mouth with my hands, and my pupils were doubled several times.

Is my online dating object?

So I immediately copied his mobile phone number to add friends to WeChat, which was really him!

Damn, it turns out that my online dating object is so handsome!


This is not the problem now.

So I drank too much, I went to the hotel on the first day of meeting with the online dating object, and I was pregnant?

Thinking of my head buzzing.

How can this end?

Buzzing …

When I was thinking, Li Shi’s call came over, and I was stunned when I looked at this number.

But since the child has found his father, what are you waiting for?

Get money for money!

I answered the phone: "Li Qi, I’m pregnant, give money to get a baby!"

The long silence of the phone.

My palms were sweating, frowned, and the courage asked again, "What, do you want to rely on it?"

"No, are you at home? Let’s meet." Li Qi said.

"Do you want to meet and chat, can’t you say on the phone?" I was a little counseled, and every time I stood in front of Li Qi, I felt a strong sense of oppression.

And I think he is definitely not an ordinary person.

The black business car looked weird and felt a dozen bodyguards hidden inside.

Don’t have too much contact.

"I only have cash," Li Qi said.


"What age, who still uses cash." I couldn’t help but stun him.

Li Qi said silently: "Doing me, you can only use cash."

Which is?

"Do you want it?" Li Qi asked, his tone was a little cold.

"Yes, you can get it!" Of course, I have to do it, but now I have no money, but I can’t do it.

As soon as I put down my phone, it was a pregnancy.

Looking at the embarrassing self in the mirror, I washed my face back to the sofa and sat on the sofa, lowering my head and stroking my lower abdomen.

Suddenly a little reluctant to be reluctant?

The heart of this mother was flooded.

But there is no way, this child is not the time.

Soon the dawn came, and he appeared at the door with a black suitcase, reminding me of a trading picture in the movie.

I guess his career may be a bit unattractive, but I was a little shocked to look at the tank to open the pink banknotes.

"Don’t have so much fetus …" I muttered, but my eyes were reluctant to leave from those banknotes, and I couldn’t help but reach out.

Suddenly Li Qi held the hand of holding my banknote: "After being born, this is a nutritional fee."

"You are crazy? We have no affection at all!" I wanted to break free, but I felt that his big palm pressed me like an elephant to suppress the ants and couldn’t break free at all.

"We have been dating online for half a year." Li Qi said.

"Which is the relationship." I pulled it again, and he was still indifferent.

"Then we have cultivated feelings from today." Li Qi said holding my hand tightly.

I desperately opened his hand and stared at him with a frown: "I don’t!"

"Give me a month, if you still don’t feel it to me, then I will fulfill you all." When Li Qi said this, his eyes were full of sincerity.

I almost moved my heart.

But think about shaking his head.

"10,000 a day."

"make a deal."

Damn, where can I find such a good sale!

Li Qi took out a stack of money from the black suitcase to me, "This is today."

My pupils were slightly big, and I couldn’t help but smell the aroma of banknotes. This charming taste is really intoxicating.

"Move in!" Li Qi shouted at the door.

When I stunned, when I didn’t respond, the door had been pushed away. A man in a black shirt appeared outside the door, holding a huge suitcase in his hand.

What happened?

How does it feel like it is right?

"What are you doing?" I grabbed Li Qi’s arm and asked.

"The fastest way to cultivate feelings is to live together. This is what you said before, forgot?" Li Qi asked.


In the past, I did n’t say anything when I was online in online dating. Is n’t that point across the screen? Why do this guy still remember?

"My house is about to expire immediately. I have no money to renew the rent, so you can’t live here." I explained.

Li Qi didn’t say a word, took out two stacks of banknotes from the suitcase, "Is it enough?"

Although I resisted in my heart, my hands kept holding firmly, and the touched tears almost flowed down from the corner of my mouth.

Tonight, Li Qi slept on the sofa and turned over and over.

At night, I fell asleep with the banknote, which was particularly sweet.

When I woke up the next morning, I was empty on the sofa. I hurriedly looked at the banknotes under the pillow, all of which were still there, and I immediately pressed my heart.

I hurried out to save on the card. I bought a luxurious breakfast and enjoyed it. When I went back, I saw Li Qi when I went back. He stood alone at the door with the insulation lunch box, his eyes slightly resentful.

It turned out that I did n’t see anyone buying breakfast in the morning.

At this time, the atmosphere was slightly embarrassing. After I handed the spare key to him, I found an excuse.

There was no place to go and walked blindly everywhere, and came to the door of the hospital unknowingly.

I thought it was to be removed before, but I couldn’t fight now, after all, I have a soft hand.

"Damn, so don’t go through the woman to get pregnant, but myself?"

Suddenly a little guilty.

Have you scolded the woman these days?

But what’s the matter with those ambiguous men?

"Joe Qiao, what are you doing here?" When he was thinking, a man in a white shirt walked in front of me with glasses, reaching out and stroking my head intimately.

"Who are you?" I shook his hand in fear, and his eyes were full of panic.

"No, I forgot me so soon? Three months ago, we went to camping and mixed up together, remember?" The man said.

Camping three months ago?

Also mixing?

Will this child be …

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