Congratulations to Teacher Zhao Benshan’s "upgrade" to become grandpa, the daughter’s ball ball has been pregnant for more than three months

Comedy Smile Star Teacher Zhao Benshan, not only does his career fly Huang Tengda, the family is also full of happiness. A pair of dragon and phoenix children are filial and good, and the reputation is good.

His son Zhao Daniu rarely appeared on the Internet because he was busy with offline business, but his daughter’s ball was on the road of the Internet with her father’s halo, and the live broadcast business was booming.

Some time ago, the ball was held in a low -key wedding. Because I didn’t want to set off a banquet, I just invited friends and relatives to celebrate.Based on this, it is worth learning from all Internet celebrities.

The ball said: I know why I do n’t want to hype when I get married.Because I think that if such a big life is linked to money, there will be no such real movement pictures, and so many people will feel the same. The acting is always different from the real one.

Shortly after the happy event, good news came from ahead, and the ball became a expectant mother. It has been pregnant for more than three months.Calculated by time, in April, it was already pregnant.But at that time, did you not have a thank you for a thank you?

Many netizens suspect that the ball is an unmarried first, but everyone is wrong. In fact, the young couple have long received a marriage certificate, and they are already legal couples.As for whether the two live together, they do n’t know if they live together.

In this way, first of all, we congratulate Teacher Zhao Benshan for upgrading to become grandpa!You can guess that Mr. Zhao Benshan must be very happy.

On July 16, the ball released the video, only one product was sold last month, and then the body was particularly bad. My husband and I were still thinking about what happened to the body. Then there was a fan who said that I was pregnant.I went to the hospital to check it for a moment. I didn’t expect it to be pregnant. I was very anxious at first. I talked to my mother and talked about my friends. Now it has been stable for more than three months, so I will tell you good news.Capital, only small and midfielders.

The ball also announced the wedding for the wedding with her husband. Relatives and friends sent blessings to the two newcomers. My brother Da Niu said that although we love each other, you have to be bullied to call your brother. The brother will arrive in two minutes.At that time, the audience laughed.What is the most practical what brother said.

Teacher Benshan’s wife thanks to the cultivation and love and love of the ball. The daughter is so good, and the ball is crying for her friends and relatives.

People are pregnant, and there are black powder spraying in the comment area?

The fans said: To be honest, this boyfriend is not good!

Ball back: You can not watch if you don’t like it, you don’t need you to evaluate it here.

I wish you happiness, but I still feel that your husband is not worthy of you. It is also a love house and Wu. I hope you will get better and better and witness your future happy life.

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