Congratulations!Hong Kong’s famous actress Tang Yi is about to be on the basin for 9 months.

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The 33 -year -old Hong Kong actress Tang Yi, since the beginning of this year, suddenly announced through social media high -profile announcement with Hong Kong star dancers and TVB male star Mai Qiucheng announced that she has received the attention of registered marriage.

When it was announced that the wedding good news was announced, Tang Yi also announced the good news of pregnancy.

It is understood that unknowingly that Tang Yi has been pregnant for 9 months, it is about to come.Based on time, its due date is at the end of this month or early next month.

I believe that the last "sprint" time is undoubtedly tense and very excited for Tang Yi, who is about to upgrade the hot mom for the first time.The same is true for Mai Qiucheng, who is the first to be a father.

Recently, Tang Yi also shared a set of recent pregnancy photos through social media.I saw her in the photo, wearing a blue dress with a bright smile, her pregnant belly was quite obvious, and she could not see her feet.

Although the pregnancy belly is very protruding, it may be because of frequent exercise. Tang Yi’s limbs are still very slender, and the typical belly adult is not fat.

At the same time, Tang Yi also answered the questions raised by many netizens through the limited time of social media.According to her, she will officially cut her long hair next week to prepare to welcome the baby in the belly.

In addition, Tang Yi also revealed that her good friends and good girlfriends felt the baby’s fetal movement.Although her stomach is so strong recently, it is definitely the greatest comfort for her 9 months of pregnancy.

In fact, since Tang Yi announced his pregnancy, he immediately stopped all the acting work in his hand, lived a deep life at home, and strived to be the safety of the baby in the belly.

And she often loves to share some bites of pregnancy life on social media.It can be said that netizens can also see Tang Yi’s pregnant belly every day, which is quite memorable.

Because Tang Yi and Mai Qiucheng’s relationship was too low -key, the news of marriage suddenly revealed at the time, which surprised the outside world.Of course, now looking back, the two should be unmarried at the time.

From the perspective of the outside world, this marriage is actually a strong woman and weak. After all, Tang Yi’s popularity in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong is higher than Mai Qiucheng.Tang Yi also had a profound performance in the TVB’s hot drama "Anti -Black Routeman" last year, so this marriage has suffered a lot of doubts now.

Maybe in the impression of many friends, they are still staying in Tang Yi and Hong Zhuoli’s many years of emotional experience.At first, the two had been together for 11 years, and during this period, there was a rumor that the two good things were nearly.

But in the end, this relationship could not stand the test of time. The two also announced the breakup at the end of 2018, but after the breakup, the two were also friends.

In addition, although Mai Qiucheng is a signing male star of TVB, his exposure rate is not particularly high. Most of the time, he performed in a guest performance in major dramas and plays some small characters without room.

And his most impressive memory point is that he was the only boyfriend who had admitted Cai Sibei after TVB’s new view.

In the end, I would like to congratulate Tang Yi and Mai Qiucheng, who will soon be upgraded to be a novice mother and novice dad.It is hoped that the babies of the two will be born safely and grow up healthy and happy.Of course, I also wish the two husbands and wives’ future marriage life can be happier and happy.

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