Congratulations!The famous actress in Hong Kong appeared on high -heeled shoes for half a year, and announced that the belly would not regenerate

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The large -scale Hong Kong drama "Family Glory" co -starred by Zhang Zhilin, Yang Qianyao, Huang Haoran and others has officially ushered in the finale earlier.

Because the show was named "Modern Palace Mind" and a luxurious actor lineup, it has been highly debated since its launch. During the broadcast, it has also been on the hot search list of social media many times.

It is understood that although this drama has been broadcast on the online platform, TVB will also be broadcast on TV on the 7th of the next month from the golden file from Monday to Friday every Monday to Friday.

In order to better publicize the drama, recently starring, including Zhang Zhilin, Xiong Dailin, Liang Jingqi and others, they also appeared to create momentum for the episodes.

Among them, the most watched is naturally pregnant with a second child for more than half a year, Hong Kong’s famous actress Liang Jingqi.She was wearing a big red pregnant woman evening dress, which was quite festive.

From the pictures taken by reporters from the scene, it can be seen that Liang Jingqi’s pregnant belly is very obvious.It can be said that as the pregnant belly gradually becomes larger, she is about to see her feet.

It is said that people are in a happy event, so Liang Jingqi’s status at the event site is also quite online. In the face of various questions raised by reporters, they are one after another, and they will answer them seriously.

It is understood that the due date of Liang Jingqi’s second child was in April this year.Therefore, she is about to upgrade as a mother again, and she is about to enter the final sprint period.

However, she was very dedicated to attending the publicity activities of the episode, and she also stepped on a high heels of nearly 3 cm high under her feet.

Even in an interview, she explained to reporters as soon as possible: Wearing high heels to attend the event, she was allowed by her husband!

Earlier, Liang Jingqi had announced on social media that the second child was another boy.Therefore, at the propaganda meeting, the reporter also asked Liang Jingqi if he would have a third child in the future and one more daughter?

Facing the reporter’s question, Liang Jingqi didn’t think about it, he directly announced his belly, and said that he would not regenerate the third child!Because pregnancy is too hard!In addition, she also revealed that considering age, physical and other issues, she will adopt a cesarean section.

Xiong Dailin, who attended the event at the same time, is also a state of bravery.This drama can also be regarded as a comeback after she married the giants. Friends who watched the episode should know that Xiong Dailin performed well this time.

As we all know, she also successfully upgraded her mother a few years ago, and also gave birth to a pair of twin daughters.So after hearing that Liang Jingqi was both his son, Xiong Dailin also took the initiative to play with the other party, which was quite funny.

Today, the first impression of Liang Jingqi may have many friends, she is the daughter of Liang Jiashu, a former high -level high -level TVB.

In fact, this is indeed the same.After all, Liang Jingqi has been filming for many years. There are almost no outstanding screen characters. In addition, her appearance is also average, and her acting skills are average, so her acting career has also developed in general.

In 2019, she ushered in the second spring of her life and married her fresh meat husband 8 years younger than her.It can be seen from the pictures shared on social media. Her husband is quite handsome, so many netizens often play: Liang Jingqi is a treasure.

In the end, Xiaobian also hopes that Liang Jingqi, who is about to upgrade her mother again, can go well in the next few months!Of course, I also wish the baby in her belly that can grow up healthily and happily.

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