Cordyceps sinensis should not be stored for a long time

I have previously shared some methods to save Cordyceps, how to save it correctly, etc., which greatly reduces waste and losses.But everything has a shelf life, and Cordyceps sinensis is no exception. If it is stored for a long time, it will not only cause poor effect, but also may eat bad stomachs. Below I will share with readers and friends for "not suitable for long -term preservation of Cordyceps sinensis" for a long time.Hope to help!

As one of the valuable nourishing products, Cordyceps sinensis is one of the most friends, but many friends give gifts to give gifts.The shelf life of Cordyceps sinensis is shortened, and some people are reluctant to eat it. They want to save it for a long time, but they can only throw it away after deterioration, causing distressing waste.

So can I eat the spoiled Cordyceps sinensis?I think that Cordyceps sinensis is moth, moisture, or eggs. It depends on the degree of deterioration. For example, it can be eaten.Worm eggs cannot be eaten.This is because if the Cordyceps sinensis is improperly preserved, the mold spores in the air can easily scatter the surface of Cordyceps sinensis, which will absorb the nutrients of medicinal materials, germinate the mycelium, and secrete enzymes to further destroy the medicinal materials.Some worms can secrete enzymes, decompose the ingredients of the medicinal materials, and cause the medicinal materials to deteriorate. Eating is not only good for the body but not only good.

How to save Cordyceps sinensis

The preservation of Cordyceps sinensis needs to see the length and purchase of the consumption time.If the purchase volume is very small, and it is often eaten, you only need to put it in a cool and dry place.Or put it in a closed glass with peppercorns or Danpi, freeze in the refrigerator, and take it with it.There is a large amount of purchases and it is best to put cordycopes in the place where the cordyceps is used, because the Cordyceps that I just bought is a bit tide and it is easy to mold and insects for a long time.

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