Correctly understand that the fetus stops without blindly eating progesterone

Many mothers use progesterone as a life -saving medicine. They believe that if they are aborted or tires, they can save the fetus as long as they eat progesterone.But this is not the case. The luteal ketone disease cannot prevent fetal stopping, and it plays the role of preservation at most. It does not have a great effect on tires.

If the medical treatment is a tire stop, then there is no need to eat progesterone anymore, even if you eat progesterone, it will not change.If you blindly eat progesterone, it will only make the placenta that has stopped developing stronger, and it is difficult to discharge the body. In the end, you can only use the method of clearing the palace or painless abortion to discharge the placenta to aggravate the mother’s pain.

Moms should learn to accept this fact. Many of the occurrence of fetal stops in early pregnancy are also because the embryo also has the survival of the fittest. Only the healthy fertilized eggs can survive to the end, and the unhealthy fertilized eggs will naturally be eliminated.

If the pregnant mother can detect the symptoms of fetal discontinuation in the first time, and if it is possible to protect the fetus, she can take folic acid tablets and continue to monitor the blood HCG. Normal HCG should grow more every day.Try to rest as much as possible. Pay attention to whether there are abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. If vagina bleeds, luteal ketone injection can be performed.

In the implementation of the above inspections and treatment, it can be screened before 56 days, such as Tang’s screening, anti -phospholipid antibody, anticipated antibody examination, and conduct B -ultrasound examination to test the thickness of the fetal neck skin.Through timely discovery of early treatment, you can still save your baby.

However, there are many clinical manifestations of fetal stops like natural miscarriage. It is usually found that the fetus has stopped developing through examination.Therefore, many finding that the fetus is not saved. It should be treated in time. Generally, the drug or surgery is used to use the drug or surgery to get out of the uterine cavity and prepare for the next pregnancy.

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