Counting N kinds of skin changes during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will not only change psychologically, but also have some wonderful changes in the body.The sweetheart below will give you the adventure mothers carefully about various skin changes during pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy spots

During the second trimester, we may find that ourselves have a different look from the past.Brown or yellow plaques are called melasma (also known as pregnancy spots) anywhere, but the most common in the forehead, upper cheeks, nose and chin.During pregnancy, hormone estrogen and progesterone can stimulate melanocytes to produce more pigments on the skin, but because these cells are unevenly produced, our facial skin may obtain a spots similar to black.If we have taken contraceptives orally, this special hormone side effect may already be available.Women with black hair and dark skin may notice dark circles like eye shadow.Lloabic spots cannot be prevented, but it can reduce the spots of melanin by restricting the time we exposed to ultraviolet rays (that is, sunlight).

2. Acne

We may think that the era of the long bumps has passed, and pregnancy will cause the severe degree of acne to be adolescent, and we may need to return to the cleaner in a teenager.Fortunately, the acne during pregnancy will fade shortly after childbirth.During this period, we should avoid exfoliating, and the skin of pregnant women is very sensitive.We should adopt a gentle facial scraping based on oats (available in nutritional stores), which can help us remove oily pores, and it is very suitable for sensitive skin.Drugs such as antico acne prescriptions and thorine -A can cause children to have birth defects and cannot be used during pregnancy.

3. "Black Line"

Many women usually have a faint white line that extends from the navel to their pubic center.This will be faintly visible before pregnancy.(Some people may not have it, or they don’t know where it is).Some people will become black lines in the middle of pregnancy, and women with dark skin will become darker, which usually disappear after childbirth.

4. The black area becomes darker

Small moles and freckles that already exist before pregnancy may now become larger, while brown spots or birthmarks become deeper.New moles may also appear.(If these moles are particularly raised, dark or irregular, please consult a doctor or dermatologist,) The color of the areola and nipples will become quite deep, and they are not like other areas of our skin. After pregnancy, they are after pregnancy.Being back to the original color, our areola may always be a bit darker.

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