Crime of pregnancy (1)

"You are arrested because of your personal pregnancy. You have the right to stay silent and have the right to defend yourself in court."

The women around them were whispering and pointed at her from time to time.The face of my face, I still have a good friend with her, I really care about friends. "…

Cao Yi sat quietly on the bed. She didn’t know how all this was known by the police. Only she and the man knew this. She didn’t believe he would tell him. He said that he loved her and he wanted to have oneThe children belonging to them.And she also loves him, so despite the great risk, she still decided to have a child for him.He said that after a few days, he would find a way to take her to that place, the place belonging to the old age.Only there is this child allowed to be born.

She did not hate these women who abused her around, and she was even a little pitiful.They are turned like this society.

After media propaganda, this incident quickly fermented in the entire society, and major news media rendered.

Such as "shock! A woman was pregnant without permission, behind this …" "Unexpectedly, women who are pregnant without permission are like this!" This kind of title is endless.

Due to the particularity of the incident itself and the publicity of the media, the attention of the entire society is attracted by the incident.

Surprisingly, Cao Yi even requested a request to broadcast the trial process to the whole society.

After the trial department fully combined the opinions of all parties, he decided to agree to her request.

This trial will be broadcast live in synchronization in the real world of this universe and the virtual world of the Yuan universe.

As soon as this news came out, various media news was overwhelming and made a trend for trials.

For a while, the whole society was looking forward to the arrival of this trial.

Just a few days before the trial was about to begin, a video about the male person in this incident rushed on the hot search, which caused heated discussion.

"This is the Republican Daily. Recently, we have received news about the male parties in the case. At present, the man has been detained by law enforcement. After negotiation, I have obtained the right to interview the man. The following is our interview content."

"Hello, are you a man in the case of personal pregnancy?"

"I am."

"Can you tell us the specific situation of this incident?"

"Almost four months ago, she and she met the regulations on the area. We all felt that each other was good, so we found a free time to have a relationship.Contact information.

On the fifth day after the first relationship, both of us were free and agreed to meet again at the place where they met last time.Still, like last time, we found a idle room, and the registration of the card entered the relationship.But this time, I didn’t wear a condom."

"Why don’t you wear a condom? The sexual behavior without safety measures can lead to women’s pregnancy."

"It’s not that I don’t want to wear it, because she doesn’t let me wear it.

She said that she didn’t like to wear a condom to have a relationship, and she would take medicine.

In the next two months, we have a total of 15 sexual relationships, which can be found in the Huanlang room use records.

These 15 times are sexual behaviors without safety measures.Every time I finish, I watched her eat the contraceptives provided indoors.I am afraid of something wrong."

"Then why is she still pregnant?"

"Because she is deceived me, she didn’t take contraceptives at all. She hid the medicine under her tongue and vomited!"

"How did you know later?"

"After the last relationship, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I sent a message to her and she would not go back to her. I thought she was finding a new sexual partner. This is now very very veryCommon things. Everyone’s sexual partners are not fixed.

But not long ago, she suddenly sent a message to me and asked me to meet.I promised immediately.When she saw her this time, she became different from before, and I didn’t know what the change was. She had a temperament on her body, which was not in our time.She made me think of those women in the film and television records of the old age.They exudes a charming charm, which is elusive.

The two of us were in a hurry to meet the Huanlang this time. She said something to tell me, so the two of us found a place to sit down.She told me that she was pregnant.

When I heard the news, I was stunned.I constantly ask myself why, why, why it is me!

I ca n’t restrain it, a crazy woman!Do you know, you will not only destroy yourself, but I will be affected by you!

She said calmly, I didn’t want to tell you, but I think you should have the right to know.After all, you are the father of this child.

Dad, what a strange word.A word that should not appear in this era, it should be left in the old era!

After speaking, she was ready to leave.

Before leaving, she told me that she hoped me to keep secret.She doesn’t want to let the news exposure now, she has to wait until everyone can see her changes before standing in front of everyone."

"That is to say, all this was deliberately, and you were just a victim?"

"Yes. I am completely a deceived victim."

"Do you take the initiative to report this matter to reduce your crime?"

"Yes. After knowing the news, I was suffering all day. I thought, I couldn’t escape the end anyway. I might as well surrender and reduce my crime.Check! "

"The above is the content of this interview, thank you for watching! Goodbye the next program!"

As soon as this video came out, it caused an uproar in the Internet world. For a while, the group was angry, all of them criticized the female parties and sympathized with men.One after another, the female parties were requested to reunite and release the male parties innocently.

There is no one who said nothing, they are just waiting for trials quietly.

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