Dad is greedy for grapefruit after taking antihypertensive drugs.Grapefruit can’t take the same medicine with these medicines

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Correspondent Yu Yan Bo Yunna Liu Shanshan

The current season when grapefruit is listed in large quantities. Many citizens love to eat grapefruit moisturizing and lowering fire. However, the reporter interviewed doctors and pharmacists from many hospitals in Jiangcheng on the 26th that if citizens took some drugs, they took a lot of drugs again.Grapefruit may cause efficacy and even affect health.

After taking pressure -reducing medicine, I took a lot of grapefruit again, and my father had hypotension

Dad Liu lives in Hankou, and has a history of hypertension for more than ten years. He has been taking medicine on time, and blood pressure is controlled well.

Recently, the weather was dry, and Dad Liu felt dry and angry.The son bought a few big grapefire for Dad Liu.One morning last week, after taking the antihypertensive medicine, Dad Liu took a lot of grapefruit while watching TV. After that, he felt chest tightness, panic, and weakness.The family quickly tested Liu’s blood pressure, suggesting that the high pressure was only 96 mm Hg, and the low pressure was only 50 mm Hg.

Because Dad has been looking for Zhang Peng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine in Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, there is a doctor’s phone number in the mobile phone. The family quickly called to ask Dr. Zhang Peng.Zhang Peng asked in detail on the phone, and initially judged that Daddy might have taken a lot of grapefruit shortly after taking antihypertensive drugs, so low blood pressure appeared.If you do not deal with them in time, you may induce stroke or myocardial infarction. It is recommended that patients’ families send their father to the doctor in time.After medical treatment in time, the blood pressure of Dad will return to normal after treatment.

Why eat grapefruit can cause hypotension?Dad and their families are very puzzled.In this regard, Zhang Peng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that the active ingredients in grapefruit can inhibit the activity of certain metabolic enzymes in the liver and reduce the ability of human metabolic drugs.If the metabolism decreases, the effective amount of the drug can actually enter the blood. If the patient drinks grapefruit juice or ate more grapefruit while taking the pressure drop, it may lead to taking the same antihypertensive drug.The antihypertensive effect has increased, so it may lead to a decrease in blood pressure.

6 categories of medicine should be taken with grapefruit, otherwise it may endanger health

Today, grapefruit is a seasonal fruit. Like Liu’s father, it is not uncommon for the cases that have been affected by the effects of medicinal effects because of taking the medicine.

Mr. Fang, 56, had had kidney transplants a few years ago. He has been taking immunosuppressive agent drugs. He goes to the hospital to check blood on a regular basis to see if the drug concentration in the blood is qualified.However, when he went to the hospital for a last time, he was found to have the high value of the drug concentration in the blood, which was almost alert.The doctor asked him if he took medicine according to the doctor’s order, and whether he had taken other medicines, and what food he ate these days. After excluding the first two reasons, Mr. Fang told the doctor that he recently bought a lot of grapefruit and dailyWill eat more than half.The preliminary diagnosis of the doctor should be that grapefruit affects the effect of medicinal effects.Sure enough, when reviewing 3 days later, Mr. Fang’s examination results had returned to normal.

What other medicines and grapefruit may affect the efficacy after eating with grapefruit?On the 26th, Liu Yang, the clinical pharmacist of the Ministry of Pharmacy of the Wuhan First Hospital, said in an interview with reporters that the antihypertensive drug (mainly the name of the "horizontal" antihypertensive drug), lipid -lowering drugs, anti -anxiety or sedative drugs, anti -allergic drugsMedicine (such as Stimi, Teta Na Ding), contraceptives, immunosuppressants, etc., can not be eaten with grapefruit.For example, when Bintyin, Atticin and other lipid reduction drugs are taken with grapefruit, the drug accumulates in the body, increasing the risk of adverse reactions such as liver injury probability, horizontal muscle dissolution, etc., and even causes renal failure;For example, Di Xili, Midazoron, etc. cannot eat with grapefruit, because grapefruit will extend the time of staying in the body in the body, which will cause sequelae such as dizziness and drowsiness.No) can not be taken with grapefruit, because taking grapefruit after taking such drugs will increase the adverse reactions of anti -allergic drugs on the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract; grapefruit will hinder women’s absorption and use of contraceptives, so thereforeEating grapefruit during taking drugs may cause contraceptive failure; immunosuppressive agents (such as cycloin) cannot be eaten with grapefruit, because the concentration of blood drugs increases, adverse reactions increase, and increase liver and kidney toxicity.However, he also emphasized that in general, grapefruit must eat a certain amount to affect the efficacy.

Director Deng Aiping, the Department of Pharmacy of Wuhan Central Hospital, also suggested that for the sake of safety, it is best to avoid eating grapefruit or grapefruit juice within 6 hours after taking the medicine.If citizens do not know which drugs cannot be taken with grapefruit, it is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist to avoid affecting health.

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