Daughter -in -law eats a few more braised pork, her mother -in -law scolded her husband to hit her, and the wife was determined to kill the child


A couple, they are college classmates.At that time, the two met at a party. At first glance, the man looked at the beautiful woman’s beautiful, beautiful, sharp, lively and cute, and was a school flower on campus.

For the first time, the man asked her phone number, plus her WeChat, and often chatted. Every weekend, the man asked the woman to eat food and go shopping.

The man was also willing to spend money on women, buy clothes, buy bags, and cosmetics. Women also see that men are also honest and kind, willing to spend money on themselves, and people are handsome and handsome, with a talent.

Two people have been talking about graduating from college in the first grade. After graduating from college, both people have entered the same enterprise to go to work. After the work is stable, the two discuss their marriage.

When the boyfriend brought the woman back to their house, the parents looked at the women’s long and beautiful, beautiful, sharp, lively and cute, tall and tall, and also like women.I agree with the two of them together.

When a woman takes her boyfriend home, her parents watch the handsome and handsome man, a talent, and a person who is honest and kind, and agrees that the two of them will get married in the future.

At that time, the man’s family situation was also better. He bought them a wedding room, a wedding car, and held a grand wedding. The woman gave a gift of 50,000 yuan. In the end, the two entered the palace of marriage.

After getting married, the daughter -in -law quickly became pregnant. At this time, the mother -in -law and husband were very happy, so they came to take care of the daughter -in -law.They also assumed some housework in the family, and they did not let their daughter -in -law do some housework.

One day, the daughter -in -law wanted to eat braised pork. At this time, the mother -in -law made braised pork. After the braised pork was on the table, the daughter -in -law moved the chopsticks and ate a few more braised pork.

At this time, my mother -in -law said, "Do you have rules? The family hasn’t been on the table yet, you can’t eat it casually!" At this time, the daughter -in -law said, "I have been talking these days, and I want to eat a few braised pork!"

At this time: "My mother -in -law said that when I was pregnant, I should eat and eat more light. Don’t eat more meat."

At this time, when the husband came home, he saw two people quarreling, and he went up and slapped his wife without saying a word.I! "So the daughter -in -law returned home in angered.

When her daughter -in -law came home, she hoped that her husband would call herself, apologize, or mother -in -law to apologize.

But she went home for more than a month, and no one went to call to greet them, so the wife was angry.

At this time, she wanted to kill the child and told her husband about this. At this time, her husband hurried to the house and begged his wife for mercy. Do not do such a thing.

Because their family hopes that she will have a son, and the Chuizong will take over.The wife did not listen. At this time, her mother -in -law came to the daughter -in -law’s house and apologized to her daughter -in -law.

The daughter -in -law thought, you treat me like this, I take a sip of braised pork, and the whole family is unwilling. I have a child in your family in the future. Is there a right to speak?

Is the daughter -in -law who gave birth to this child, or did the child be killed?

I want to say that the family is married. In daily life, everyone cares about each other, considerate, and take care of each other. Family life will definitely be happy. My mother -in -law will treat her daughter -in -law as a daughter, care about her, take care of her, and the daughter -in -law must beWill respect you.

Love is mutual. If you love others, others will repay you ten times, so that your life will definitely be happy.

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