Daughter -in -law is pregnant, this is the way of smart mother -in -law


My friend got married for 1 year and finally became pregnant, although it was an accident.

For ordinary husbands and wives, before marriage, marriage is a top priority. However, after marriage, children have become the top priority in life.However, for friends, there must be pushing back, not because of her mother -in -law.

After the wedding, the relationship between friends and husbands is as warm as ever, but with her mother -in -law, they are very unpleasant.

The first is the daily routine of my mother -in -law, and the second is the strict requirements of my mother -in -law.At home, her mother -in -law always has a stinky face. No matter what her friend does, she can’t satisfy her. Sometimes it is just because of some small things that can cause many unnecessary dried Ge.

Friends thought that although the relationship with her mother -in -law was not as stiff yet, she was definitely not very harmonious. In case of pregnancy, wouldn’t it even have a good life?So after discussing with my husband seriously, think about pushing the things about having children back!

The cold eyes of her mother -in -law are the main reason why friends are not willing to have children!

But where did you think that he was pregnant unexpectedly!In the face of a color ultrasound report and the doctor’s notification, my friend was like a electric shock, and a blank in his mind, two words suddenly appeared deep in your heart: "It’s over!"

But a series of things happened next made friends who couldn’t speak.After the mother -in -law knew that her friend became pregnant, the whole person became enthusiastic. Without the previous picks, there were no previous strict requirements, and there was no previous cold face.Also dear.

If these changes are just, there are also mother -in -law’s care of friends, until the meticulous level.


Since my friend is pregnant, my husband has often been jealous with friends: "I just say! My mother is the heart of the knife mouth. You see her attitude towards you, I have never enjoyed her care since I was a child!"

Everything happened too suddenly, giving people a sense of true or not. More often, my friends thought they were dreaming.After all, the mother -in -law’s attitude towards himself was obvious to everyone. There were many moments, and friends almost forgot the appearance of the mother -in -law.

Later, when my friend and me talked about these things, he looked: "It’s really a mother -in -law! I am pregnant once, and everything is different."

In fact, my friends are also curious. Once I didn’t hold back, I asked my mother -in -law without heart and lung: "Mom, you are so good to me now, do you want to hug his grandson? In case I was born with a daughter, you would be able to be a daughter.Will not directly change an attitude! "

How did my mother -in -law answer?

His mother -in -law pretended to knock on his friend’s head severely, and then returned seriously: "Holding the grandson? Of course thinking about it? At this age, I only have this expectation, but to be honest, I am not so feudal, my grandson, my grandsonWell, my granddaughter! This is all our children. The reason why it is so good to you is because I know that pregnancy is a big event for a woman for a lifetime. These ten months can be a woman’s nightmare, or a womanThe best memories in the future, if I mean it at this moment, wouldn’t it have to make you remember for a lifetime? "

I have to say that this is really a smart mother -in -law. Although some words are very euphemistic, friends are not stupid and cannot understand what it means.


The mother -in -law said yes. In October, she was pregnant, which was a memory of a woman’s life, and she couldn’t forget her life.At this time, the woman was very hard and the most vulnerable. Once at this time, she could remember her life, and she really became a pimple that was difficult to unlock between her mother -in -law.

In the usual life, although the mother -in -law will be a little unhappy, but the unpleasant things will slowly relieve it over time. Only the grievances of a woman will be engraved in her bones for a lifetime!

Therefore, the daughter -in -law is pregnant, this is the way of a smart mother -in -law!The smart mother -in -law can be distinguished clearly, and will never be dissatisfied with her daughter -in -law. As a result, when she is pregnant, she chooses double "intentional revenge."It’s hard to harmonize.

In life, there are so many bad examples of mother -in -law and daughter -in -law. Most of the reasons are that when the daughter -in -law is pregnant, she has not been carefully taken care of by her mother -in -law, which leads to grievances and dissatisfaction.For many daughter -in -law, sometimes I do n’t really want my mother -in -law to wait for herself, I just want to see my mother -in -law’s attitude towards him!

In fact, it is not just a woman. Everyone is so. Sometimes others do not really treat us, but the attitude he shows makes us feel very warm!

It is said that home and everything are not just a good relationship with the husband and wife, so it is considered a family!The relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law must also directly affect the rise and fall of a family.Therefore, the maintenance of the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law is more important. At a real critical moment, learn to be considerate and understanding, and use his sincerity to change the true heart of the other party.

Neighbors Wang Po, a well -known daughter -in -law, said in her own words: "I am also a woman, and I have given birth to a child. Because I have eaten all this suffering, I don’t want my daughter -in -law to stage my tragedy again. Before.I don’t have the help of my mother -in -law, but now she has this condition, I will let her enjoy the best treatment. "

Some mother -in -law always loves to mention themselves: "I was not alone before?" Here I really want to say a word. All the suffering you eat is caused by your husband. It has nothing to do with your daughter -in -law. Why?Because you have eaten hard, you have to let your daughter -in -law taste it again?

Furthermore, conditions and no conditions are two different things.If there is no condition, you can only admit your fate, and you have to eat it anymore, but if you have the conditions, it is true to change your heart.

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