Demystify the production process of "brown sugar" and teach you to distinguish between true and false brown sugar

How does sweet glutinous and sandy brown sugar produced?Brown sugar and white sugar, raw materials are sucrose. Why is there such a difference in appearance and taste?Take you today to see the production process of brown sugar.

I feel interesting ~ At the end of the text, there are small benefits to teach you homemade "brown sugar milk tea". Drink a cup cold from head, from head to feet, or a warm man’s aunt for his girlfriend.

The real brown sugar, the only raw material is sugar cane, is made of pure sugar cane juice, and it will not be mixed with other ingredients.Before making brown sugar, you must prepare a lot of sugarcane.

Put sugarcane directly in the pressed machine to press the squeeze, and the water is fully squeezed. The residual sugarcane fiber will be used as a farmland fertilizer.

Sugar cane juice flows out of the rolling wheel will sieve the residue and sand through a thin filter.

Pour the sugarcane juice into the large iron pot to boil and warm the sugar cane juice.

After the sugar cane juice is boiling, some impurities will float up, and use the sieve or wooden spoon to pull off the impurities.

After several hours of boiling, the water of sugar cane juice is getting less and less, the sugar is getting stronger and stronger, and it becomes a syrup.

At this time, you must keep stirring to avoid the color of the sugar cane juice.Sugarcane contains polyphenol, and minerals contain iron ions, and the color of brown sugar is formed.

The thick syrup is poured on the iron plate, stirring and cooling while stirring.This process must be stirred without interruption, commonly known as push sugar, otherwise the syrup will be solidified into a large sugar block.

With the enamel process, syrup will slowly cool into powder and granular, that is, we usually see brown sugar in the store.

Brown sugar is warm, which can nourish qi nourishing blood, dispersing cold and promoting blood circulation, strengthening the spleen and warmth.Seasoning has continued from ancient times as a medicinal to the present.

When it was cold, drink a cup of brown sugar ginger water, sweat slightly, and not cold and warm with hands and feet.Especially for girls, drinking brown sugar water during the physiological period, driving the cold and warm palace, can relieve the rising and pain of the abdomen.

How to distinguish the real brown sugar?Some friends are often unclear with brown sugar and red sugar, and spend 10 seconds to learn.

Real brown sugar: high water, soft feel, easy to knot, easy to attach on the inner wall of the packaging

Taste: Freshly fragrance, sweet and pleasant, micro -medicine flavor

Red Cronea: The structure is loose and the particles are dry, the particles are dry, and it is not easy to attach to the inner wall of the packaging

Taste: high sulfur content, slightly burnt and bitter

April sugar and white granulated sugar are actually produced on the production line. In the purification process, there will be part of the substance with colors that are not separated. This part of the substance is red granulated sugar, and it can also be said to be a by -product of white sugar.

In the end, Xiao Wei shared 2 winter brown sugar hot drinks. Who said that milk tea can only drink in summer, and "milk tea continues" in winter

【Brown Sugar Pearl Ginger Ginger】

Ingredients: brown sugar powder, milk, brown sugar pearl, small ginger juice

1. 250 ml of boiling water, 20 ml of small ginger juice, 10 grams of brown sugar powder, 80 ml of milk

2. Put a spoonful of brown sugar pearls and heat the step -1 milk bottom.

Drink a cup of hot, warm up, warm from head to toe, burnt and sweet brown sugar pearls have more chewing fun

【Brown sugar ginger mother tea】

Ingredients: small ginger juice, brown sugar ginger powder, purple rice, oolong tea

1. 200 ml of oolong tea, 25 ml of small ginger juice, 20 grams of brown sugar ginger powder

2. 100 ml of milk, mix well and heat, add 80 grams of purple rice

The sweet and smooth milk tea entrance, and then the taste buds came from the spicy ginger, brown sugar+ginger juice+milk’s calorie bomb combination. Students who are afraid of cold must try it.

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