Deng Chao’s studio responded, Sun Yan was confirmed?Her move explains everything


Pregnancy is a very big thing for any family. This is the case for ordinary people, and the stars attach importance to it.

Deng Chao and Sun Yan were called exemplary couples in the entertainment industry. They not only had excellent acting skills, but also did not say. Previously, Sun Yan also funded a poor student. Although he was finally bite, he did not complain at all.

Not long ago, some media exposed the news of Sun Yanhuai’s third child. At first, everyone was still in doubt, but after Deng Chao’s studio responded, the truth surfaced.

For the news of Sun Yan’s pregnancy, Deng Chao’s work indirectly responded: 1+1 = 5.

Although it is only a string of numbers, it also confirms the news of Sun Yan’s pregnancy.

Sun Yan and Deng Chao already have two children, and because Sun Yan was pregnant with the third child, he sent the news of: 1+1 = 5.

This was a happy thing, but her move was puzzling.

Judging from the photos released by Deng Chao, he was lying on the bed, and Sun Yan used moxibustion to do "moxibustion" for himself.

People who have used moxibustion should know that moxibustion is smelling. Netizens are very worried that the smell of moxibustion will hurt the baby in Sun Yan’s belly, so this move is very puzzled.Right, coupled with the news released on Weibo recently, her move has explained everything.

In the dance room, I moved to a frog with a mirror, and from the mirror, Sun Yan’s abdomen did not show signs of rampantness at all.There is a plan to be pregnant with 3 babies, but now Sun Yan should not be pregnant yet.

Deng Chao and Sun Yan now have two children. They are particularly happy. They often share their fun with their children in social software, and they also have their own unique ways to educate. For him, they are already very mature parents.Even one day, Sun Yan really conceived her third child, and it would also make this family happier.

Whether the smell of moxibustion will affect the pregnant mother and fetus, this is to make judgments based on the length of the contact.

Although moxibustion has the effect of purifying air and sterilization and bacteriography, long -term contact can easily affect the human body.

Avoid long -term contact with moxibustion during pregnancy and smell the smell of moxibustion. Occasionally, there is no problem with contact. Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much.

Regarding the smell, many pregnant mothers do n’t take it to the heart. They think that when they smell it, they do n’t worry about eating it like food, so they do n’t worry about it, but this is wrong. Some smells.Causes damage to the fetus.


Among the young people now, 8 are smoking, especially men, and smoking is not a minority.

Some pregnant mothers think that smelling the smell of smoke, not smoking, should not harm any harm, but in fact the second -hand smoke, the damage is far more damage than smoking, and the second -hand smoke is heard for a long time, which is easy to induce it.During abortion, even occasionally sucking second -hand cigarettes will cause harm to the fetus and affect the development of the fetus.


Many young people are married now, and the formaldehyde flavor in the wedding room has not completely dispersed and stays. In fact, this is wrong. At firstThe accumulation of chronic damage to the fetus is prone to abortion.

One friend was that he had been pregnant for 8 months, but because he was staying in the wedding room in advance, the formaldehyde flavor had not been disappeared, resulting in abortion.

Automobile exhaust

I do n’t know, do you find that some others think that the car is very good, but in fact, the car exhaust is very hurt.

Especially for pregnant mothers and fetuses, so when walking, pregnant mothers must stay away from cars.

Once women are pregnant, they need to be specially careful, especially in some humble details, and they should pay much attention. Sometimes they think that there is nothing, but it is easy to hurt the fetus.Don’t do things.

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