Details of pregnancy to production

“2023 Parenting Season”

Bao moms who are prepared or are doing the checkup can make a reference. Not much to say, go directly to dry goods.

After the pregnancy is determined, the sixth week must go to the hospital for a checkup.

Sixth weeks of pregnancy: 395 yuan (registered fee: 15 yuan; color Doppler: 100 yuan; progesterone measurement: 50 yuan; HCC: 50 yuan; three items of A exercises: 165 yuan;

Four items: 28 yuan; full items of liver merit: 79 yuan; 4 coagulation: 56 yuan; blood lipid blood sugar: 78 yuan; physical examination: 30 yuan; blood Tang syndrome three -combined screening: 200 yuan; CK maternity maternal upper limbExercise: 60 yuan; CK pre -production screening: 285 yuan; ECG: 20 yuan; GNKQT discreteness: 10 yuan;)

In the twelfth week of pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital to build files.Before the archives are under construction, be sure to determine the hospital. In the later period, the hospital needs to be re -built, and it will cost more than 1,000 yuan to check.

Week 17: 721 yuan (registered fee: 15 yuan; four items of eugenics and eugenics: 146 yuan; color Doppler ultrasound: 100 yuan; appointment for four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound: 460 yuan;)

After the file is established, it takes a month to go to the hospital for a regular examination, which is to do a color Doppler ultrasound and talk to the doctor.

Two of pregnancy: 115 yuan (registered fee: 15 yuan; color Doppler: 100 yuan)

Twenty -two weeks of pregnancy: Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound (I have paid it when the cost is reservation;)

Due to the mask, the second -level screening is not done (you can’t do it when you miss it. Remember to do it at the time of the doctor’s notice.).The conventional examinations of each month did not go to the hospital on time.Because of the receiving new crown patients, the archives were suspended from the external consultation, so they went to other hospitals to build files. The test examination was more than 1,100 yuan. This will not be listed.

32nd weeks of pregnancy: 300 yuan (registered fee: 40 yuan; first -level screening: 193 yuan; fetal heart monitoring+oxygen absorption: 67 yuan;)

One month before the due date, you need to go to the hospital for fetal heart monitoring of 20 yuan per week, 45 yuan for prenatal inspection before childbirth, and 180 yuan for first -level screening.

36 weeks of pregnancy: around 245 yuan

Week 37 of pregnancy: around 245 yuan

Week 38: About 245 yuan

39th week of pregnancy: around 245 yuan

Week 40: Two days before the due date, a comprehensive examination is needed, and the cost is about 1,000 yuan.

Production and hospitalization, the adult deposit is 5,000 yuan, and the deposit is paid by 5,000 yuan during the period.The child’s deposit is 2,000 yuan.

Actual cost: Adult: About 8,500 yuan (reimbursement 3,000 yuan, cost 5500 yuan);

Child: About 800 yuan (cannot be reimbursed).

The whole process of delivery is expected to cost: about 4500 yuan;

It is expected to spend expected to be hospitalized: about 6,500 yuan (including Painless 2800 yuan);

Coordinates: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Tips: Pregnant women who are afraid of pain can choose painlessness, which is really too much.Generally, it can be painless when it is opened until the child is born.The pain of having a child is too tortured.

Everyone clicks on it. In the next issue, I will make a table to make a package to be used by the child’s birth. It is my comparison of all aspects. In the end, it is confirmed that it is a very insurance product. You can make a reference.

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