Determine whether you are pregnant, you don’t need to look at your stomach, these 4 places have "sold" you

Xiaoying has been pregnant for 3 months. Some time ago to attend a classmate party, the old classmates also praised that she was as slim as before, and became more and more beautiful.Who knows, the former roommate Xiaofang quietly approached Xiaoying and said to her, "Congratulations, old roommate."Xiaoying’s face was puzzled, thinking: How did Xiaofang know that she was pregnant?Then Xiaofang told Xiaoying that when she was pregnant, she didn’t want to let others know, she was also wearing loose clothes.Therefore, people who come here do not have to look at the belly, just look at these points to know if you are pregnant.

1. Wear clothes

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers generally choose to wear more loose clothes for the healthy development of fetal treasures, and they will also take off high -heeled shoes that are often worn.This change will make the pregnant mother know that she is more unusual, and the people come to see what is going on at a glance.However, for the safety of their own and fetal treasures, this approach of pregnant mothers is necessary.

2. Walking treatment

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will obviously feel that there are some bulky body. After all, there is an extra weight, so it will slow down when walking. If you walk for a long time, you may look tired, your hands and waist and other habitual behaviors.It will also "expose" the fact that he is already pregnant, and a clear -eyed person knows what is going on at a glance.

3. complexion

In the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have nausea, retching, and decreased appetite. This is what we often call "harm joy". In this case, the pregnant mother’s face may become light yellow, and it looks like it looks likeVery haggard, and those who come over may know the reason.If you have severe pregnant mothers, you can eat some appetizing meals or fruits to ensure your nutrition. This will not affect the development of the fetus and make the pregnant mother’s complexion better.

4. Body odor

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will be heavier every day, it is easy to feel tired, and the number of baths may become less and less.In addition, the hormones in the pregnant mother will also rise, the secretions will increase, and it may appear different from ordinary people. People will be more sensitive. When they smell it, they will know what is going on.

Pregnancy is a happy thing. Even if you don’t tell people around you, those who come here will understand these 4 places in you.Therefore, if there are no taboos, you may wish to share your joy with you.

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