Did you drink it for so many years of brown sugar?Rumor 3 rumors, you have to know

Breakfast in autumn and winter needs to be fast and convenient.This brown sugar hair cake recommended to you today is especially suitable for children as breakfast.

Many people feel that press for publication must be made in advance, so it is soft and delicious.In fact, for families who do not have time to send noodles or do not have the conditions for hair, this simple version of brown sugar release today is too suitable!

Make the batter for five minutes in the morning, and you can wash it with peace of mind. At the same time, you can do a few things, which greatly improves the morning utilization rate.

This time, brown sugar is mainly used. Many families will use brown sugar to replenish blood, or when girls come to the holidays with some brown sugar water to help relieve dysmenorrhea. Are these effective?The following will explain a common misunderstanding of brown sugar.

① Brown sugar nourishing blood: brown sugar does not supplement blood.It contains 2mg iron in 100g brown sugar. The content is too small. Adult women generally need 20 mg of iron a day. In this way, it is better to drink two pounds of brown sugar water.

② Brown sugar relieve dysmenorrhea: This does have a certain relief effect.Brown sugar nourishes blood, dispel cold and promotes blood circulation, warm the stomach and spleen.For women with cold and blood deficiency, drink some brown sugar water or brown sugar ginger tea during the holiday, which can warm up and warm the palace.

③ Beauty and beauty: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is "warm and nourishing, warm and passing, warm and scattered", which can play a role in nourishing qi and blood, allowing qi and blood to run smoothly, and natural skin tone will naturally become rosy and shiny.

You can drink some brown sugar water in daily life to help make your body healthier.However, it should be noted that brown sugar is sugar after all. If you do not control consumption, the result is that he will gain weight and even bring some hidden dangers of chronic diseases.


100g of sticky rice flour, 30g of low -gluten flour, 50g brown sugar, 95g of water, baking powder 2g


1. Add the sticky rice flour to the prepared flour, mix the bubble powder and brown sugar evenly, and then add water in batches in batches, mixed into paste

2. Put the stirred batter in the cake cup, just be full, boil the steamer and add it into the cake cup, and steam it over medium heat for 15 minutes.

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