Did you feel that his girlfriend is disgusting for a moment?

My girlfriend told me that she was pregnant, and the child was mine.At that moment, I was really disgusting.


One day, my colleague suddenly asked me a strange question: "Li Chen, if your wife wears a green hat for you, and gives others a child, will you kill her after you find it?"

In the afternoon, the colleagues gathered in the tea and chatted in the tea. When it comes to a case of killing his wife in the city, Xu Hong asked me about the blood of dog blood while peeling the litchi.I replied casually: "How is it possible, Lin Qian will not be derailed."

"I mean, if." Xu Hong asked in no matter.

I was right, thinking for two seconds: "No, I believe Lin Qian."

"It’s really better than Jin Jian!"

Xu Hong threw the litchi into his mouth and laughed deeply.

After a long time, I understood the meaning behind his smile.

My name is Li Chen, an executive of a multinational enterprise.

Lin Qian is my fiancee.

It was found that Lin Qian was wrong, after her return to her night.

That day, I rarely did not have to work overtime. After get off work, I went to the market and bought the dishes that Lin Qian loved to eat.

Waiting until the vegetables were on the table, Lin Qian still did not return.

I waited for a while, and I called Lin Qian’s phone.

On the phone, Lin Qian is as gentle as ever:

"Husband, a child of a child did not come to pick it up, I have to go back later, you eat first."

Listening to her soft and glutinous voice, I feel both distressed and happy.

It is distressed that she cannot get off work on time.

The happiness is that I met such a good girl.

Lin Qian is a kindergarten teacher with a sweet appearance and petite.

When I met for the first time, I was fascinated by her gentleness and purity.

As more and more getting along, I saw more valuable qualities on her, such as her independence and sensibility.

My salary is more than N times, and I have proposed many times to let her not go to work anymore. I will raise her.

But she never agreed, with the number of fingers: mortgage, car loan, and baby spending in the future …

Can she be at work or work, she doesn’t want to be my drag.

I was sitting in front of the dining table, thinking about Lin Qian’s good little, I just felt that my heart was melting.

Wait until nine o’clock in the evening, Lin Qian opened the door with a tired body.

"Husband, why haven’t you eaten yet!"

Lin Qian looked at the meals that had not been moved on the table and blame: "Don’t be hungry."

"Wait for you to eat together."

I couldn’t help but get up and hug her, but smelled a faint smell of smoke.

She looked up and down, and she was tailored with a fitted beige suit, perfectly showing her curvy exquisite.

But I clearly remember that she was wearing a light blue skirt in the morning …

"Have you changed your clothes?" I asked in doubt.

"Yeah, at noon, the child sprinkled the milk on me."

Lin Qian laughed a little perfunctory. Zhang Luo washed his hands to eat, and he shouted hungry.

I have a taste of chewing wax with a meal, and I always feel wrong.

Every time I encounter an obedient child, Lin Qian has to complain with me a few words, but this time I shifted the topic hard, a little avoided.

Before going to bed, while Lin Qian took a bath, I picked up the clothes she worn during the day and smelled it -yes, the clothes really had a very light flavor.

The biggest possibility is that she changed clothes before returning home. After changing clothes, she also had contact with a smoker.

"Husband," Lin Qian wiped her hair and came out of the bathroom, smiling charmingly.

I used to like her pure hibiscus like the water -like purity, but now I look at her, but feels cold in my heart.

Seeing that I didn’t respond, Lin Qian came over and leaned against me and asked:

"Husband, isn’t it interesting today?"

After all, I just doubted. Without evidence, I kissed her forehead with a smile.

On this night, Lin Qian took the initiative, as if eager to prove his love.

But I was swallowing the flies all the way, and I was a little nauseous, and my heart quickly calculated how to confirm.

The next day was Christmas Eve. I got off work early and drove to the kindergarten door to wait for Lin Qian.

"Come again to pick up Lin Qian again, love for so many years, the relationship is so good!"

Lin Qian’s colleagues teased us.

Lin Qian’s cheeks were reddish, and the birds leaned on my shoulders.

Looking at her touching smile, at this moment, I really hope that my guess is wrong …

After Lin Qian got on the car, I gave her the prepared bouquet and gift.

Taking advantage of her gap between her gifts, I covered her eyes with the roses in my hand and put the lighter she had prepared into her handbag.

The Ping An Night Gift is a necklace of Swarovski. Lin Qian blame me to spend money on her mouth, but her face is full of joy.

After taking several photos and sending a circle of friends, Lin Qian was satisfied. As he longed for, he opened the makeup mirror to prepare for makeup.

I held my breath and secretly observed her reaction.

When Lin Qian opened her hand bag, she was obviously stunned, but then, she took the redness and smeared on the moist lips.

"Is it good, husband?"

Lin Qianqiao asked me with a smile.

I nodded and held the steering wheel in desperation, and I was afraid that I would put her weak neck next moment.

Lin Qian did not find my strangeness, and still looked at the makeup mirror and looked around:

"Husband, what do we eat?"

"Eat your favorite Japanese." I answered with a smile.

Knowing, a well -known Japanese shop.

The ingredients are fresh and the taste is good. Lin Qian eats very happily, but I am absent -minded.

Mid -way, Lin Qian’s mobile phone shook a bit. She glanced at it and complained that the spam was so much, and then said that she went to the bathroom and got up to leave.

I secretly felt wrong and followed her quietly.

The restaurant’s secluded corner, Lin Qian pressed his throat and lost his temper:

"I am eating with him."

"It’s not you who put it, you still quibble!"

"You can’t bear the background of your wife’s house, I don’t marry him, what should I do if my child!"


A few words that I scattered in scattered, but as far as me, it looks like five thunder!Lin Qian is really derailed!

My fiancee I love planting a green grassland on my head!

I took a few steps and walked back to the compartment.

After a while, Lin Qian also returned. While smiling and clearing the alcoholic stamina, he tipped me and told me, saying that the interests encountered in the school.

I gritted my teeth and wanted to ask her directly, why derailed, but the sense of intellect made me hold back.

Lin Qian and I met at school.

The financial departments I read, the smart and capable of men, and women’s refreshing and capable, are a group of "ruthless people".

I rarely see Lin Qian, a gentle girl.

Long hair shawl, smiling with curved eyebrows.

I have always made a poem in the bottom of my heart with "science straight men":

"The tenderness that bowed his head was the coquettish like a lotus lotus."

In my heart, Lin Qian is like such a woman, which is as delicate as flowers and needs people to pity.

I started the offensive and pursued her. It took half a year to finally hold the beauty.

When I held hands for the first time, I watched Lin Qian’s shameful cheeks and told myself that I would be good to Lin Qian in my life.

After graduating, I worked in a multinational enterprise. I stumbled at work and worked hard all the way. Finally, I had a small success and climbed to the position of the executive.

I was thinking that she would give her a romantic wedding this year to propose to her.

Whoever thinks, but happened before marriage!

I looked at Lin Qian’s smooth cheeks, and wanted to know, what kind of person, can let her betray me and betray our feelings for many years?Intersection

Also, what is the "child" she mentioned?

There is an ominous guess in my heart … This guess made my heart hurt …

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