Didn’t you feel for a month just after pregnancy?These 4 subtle little symptoms, you have encountered a few

When women were just pregnant, because the belly did not change significantly, and her body did not show much reaction, she was often ignored by the expectant mothers who were unknown.Tingting and her husband have been married for two years. During this period, the two had been preparing for her childhood, but they had not been cared for by God. Now Tingting’s stomach still has no movement.

In the past two months, Tingting’s aunt’s aunt has never come to visit, because I have experienced too many failures during the pregnancy. In the first month when the aunt did not come, Tingting thought that she was irregular menstruation and did not take care of her heart.After taking Chinese medicine to adjust it, but in the second month, the aunt hadn’t come yet, and Tingting was a little anxious.I went to the hospital for examination. When I didn’t expect, the examination results surprised Tingting.

The doctor happily told her that she had been pregnant for almost two months, and Tingting’s eyes were incredible.From the beginning of pregnancy, he lost repeatedly to accidental pregnancy. Tingting’s mood was like a roller coaster.Because he did not have any signs of his body after pregnancy, Tingting did not take any attention measures in the first two months of pregnancy, but fortunately, this difficult child is strong enough.

Many expectant mothers say that there are no symptoms of physical health before pregnancy. In fact, the symptoms during pregnancy are not the same. If the expectant mother pays attention to observation, many subtle small changes in the body can be detected.

There are spasm in the lower abdomen

If the expectant mother observes carefully after pregnancy, she will find that before she is pregnant, her belly is very loose. When she lay down, she has a belly.But in the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers would have a bloating and hard belly.And occasionally, you can feel slightly spasm in the lower abdomen. Sometimes it is the left side, and sometimes it may be the right side. This is the manifestation of the fertilized eggs in bed.

Breast sensitivity, tenderness

After pregnancy, a woman has an obvious feeling that it often feels breast tenderness and nipples. This is also reminding you that you may be pregnant.This is because after pregnancy, this is caused by the common action of estrogen and progesterone.

Increased body temperature

Under normal circumstances, women will reduce their body temperature before ovulation, and their body temperature will rise after ovulation. When menstruation approaches, body temperature will decrease again.However, if women should not come when menstruation, and the body temperature is not declining, and it lasts about 18 days, it means that women are very likely to be pregnant.

Sleepy and sleepy

After pregnancy, expectant mothers often feel fatigue and drowsiness. Even if they do not do much physical work, they always feel that they can’t afford strength.

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