Different types of colds cause cough and sore throat. What kind of medicine is used?

Colds can be divided into two types: common cold and popular cold, which can cause patients with cough and sore throat.However, in terms of treatment, due to the different causes, the treatment of the treatment of the treatment will be different.

1. Ordinary cold

Ordinary colds are usually caused by pathogenic bacteria such as nasal nasal and adenovirus. These pathogenic bacteria are usually relatively low infectious. For patients with mild colds, special treatment is generally not necessary.EssenceThe symptoms of ordinary colds are mostly mild, and patients will be accompanied by symptoms such as sore throat and cough.For patients with severe symptoms, drugs can be selected under the guidance of doctors, such as penicillin, first -generation cephalosporin, large -ring dectind drugs, or ninone.

2. Popular cold

Popular cold is different from ordinary colds. This is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza virus. It belongs to class C infectious diseases. Once the patient develops, there will be symptoms such as high fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, muscle soreness, etc.The degree is more serious than that of ordinary colds. Most patients can occur with a high fever of 38.5 ° C when they occur. Once they cannot be controlled, they can cause complications or cross -infections, and even endanger patients’ lives.In terms of treatment, antiviral drugs are mainly used to treat targeted treatment. For example, common antiviral drugs such as cocosphosphate Oaswa particles. Compared with other antiviral drugs, this drug is a domestic and foreign guidelines.Drugs are widely used, and the drugs are highly effective after taking. The drug activity can inhibit virus replication and diffusion. It usually does not interact with other symptoms to relieve drugs.Good safety of medication.In addition to drug treatment, patients also need to pay attention to personal diet and schedule, ensure high nutritional diet intake, reduce irritating food, and avoid aggravating cough and sore throat.

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