Discover liver cancer at 29 weeks of pregnancy, just to look at the child, her choice made everyone cry in tears

Discover liver cancer at 29 weeks of pregnancy, just to look at the child, her choice made everyone cry in tears

The 34 -year -old Sang Yansan is called Sang Ye. He just received a marriage certificate last year and had been married for less than a year. He was a sunshine girl who loved laughter and sports.The husband is tall and handsome, and the two people are full of fate, which is very sweet.

Soon after getting married, there was the crystallization of love, and it was a small flesh to give the child a name. The happy family was even more sweet looking forward to the arrival of new life."Is it fate to tease, why is the unlucky person me?" At the 29th week of pregnancy, he went to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination, and was then diagnosed as a malignant tumor.This inspection is like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. It suddenly makes people unacceptable. The family was full of joy, and suddenly it seemed to fall into the abyss, which was extremely painful.Is this the prank of heaven? It is less than a year for the wedding, and there are just new students.

Please, do you want it?No, you must not give up!

During pregnancy, due to hormones, it will promote the growth of tumors and be very unfavorable to the condition.So the people around him advised her that her mother cried and said, just your daughter, the life is important, please ask your child to do not, and there will be children in the future.Hospital experts also persuaded that this is very dangerous and is likely to not be able to support the day of birth.But Sang Ye still refused. She said that she could feel the fetal movement of the small fruit. This is a life, and even if she fights for life, she has to give birth to him!

pain!It’s so painful that you can’t sleep!

The growth rate of the tumor is faster than the children in the stomach. When it was just found out, there were only six or seven on the liver. It was only a month that there were tumors on the liver everywhere.It hurts to breathe and can’t sleep every day. I can only sit and squint for two hours at night. I didn’t dare to take a painkillers for the health of the child.

For children, we must work hard!

Finally in the 34th week, you can never support it again, the child must be born!This is the most dangerous moment, the happiest moment.The operation is very risky, but the mulberry leaves are still strong.Her persistence allowed the child to be born smoothly in this world. The doctor was moved by this. She created the great miracle of life with her mother’s love and strong!

Sang Ye said in the intensive care unit that she never regretted giving birth to a small flesh. Even if she paid the price of her life, she would work hard to live in the future and want to listen to his mother!IntersectionLove to give people strength, make people strong, and moving.

Some people say that mother love is great, creating a miracle, making people cry!

Some people say that the choice of Sang Ye is very selfish. If the child will not have a mother in his life, how poor is it. How sad if the parents lose?

There are too many choices in life. It seems that everyone has their own truth. If it is you, what will you choose?

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