Dizziness during pregnancy is not equal to anemia. You must know about the five symptoms that cause dizziness

There are many symptoms of dizziness in expectant mothers during pregnancy. There are many kinds of symptoms. Can’t blindly determine that he has symptoms of anemia because of dizziness. Are the expectant mothers who want to understand, what causes the symptoms of dizziness?Let’s take a look with the editor together

Because the level of blood insulin in the mother’s body after pregnancy start to increase, the low blood sugar of expectant mothers will cause pregnant mothers to have symptoms of dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, hands shake and cold sweat.And this is not just the case. Due to the increase in progesterone in early pregnancy, it will cause expectant mothers to have pregnancy vomiting, which leads to the daily amount of meals taken by expectant mothers and reduce the energy of the body too much.Dizziness and other symptoms of hypoglycemia.

The normal blood glucose value of pregnant women refers to the normal blood glucose value of pregnant women.It is stipulated that the normal value of pregnant women’s empty blood glucose is 3.1-5.1mmol/L2 1 hour after a pregnant woman meal: 1 hour after meals is generally used to detect pregnant women’s diabetes test. Authoritative data shows that pregnant women must not exceed 10.0mmol/L for one hour after a meal.Normal level of blood sugar.3 2 hours after pregnant women: The normal blood glucose value after meals generally does not exceed 11.1 mmol/L, and the normal blood glucose value of 2 hours after a pregnant woman must not exceed 8.5 mmol/L.

Hypoglycemia in addition to normal blood glucose value of expectant mothers also attracts the attention of expectant mothers, because if the expectant mother has hypoglycemia, it can easily lead to dizziness and headache, panic and shake, and have excessive hunger, sweating, pale complexion,, Fighting the cold war, acupuncture, systemic weakness, blurred vision and other symptoms.In severe cases, there may be unclear consciousness, convulsions, drowsiness, and even coma.

However, the mother’s symptoms of hypoglycemia must adjust their dietary laws in time, especially in the early pregnancy, expectant mothers will reduce the amount of feeding due to pregnancy and pregnancy.The problem of loss of appetite, you can try to choose foods that you love to eat and can cause your appetite.

Be sure to eat breakfast. Breakfast can alleviate the symptoms of hypoglycemia in mothers. You can add high carbohydrates and high -protein foods such as milk, eggs, meat porridge, cakes and sugar water, as well as noodles.

If you go out, you must carry snacks, such as candy, fruits, and chocolate. Once you have symptoms of dizziness, you should eat immediately to relieve it.If expectant mothers are severe during pregnancy, they can try to drink soda or soda biscuits to effectively suppress the mothers’ pregnancy vomiting.

Moms have hypotension during pregnancy, and there will be some dizziness, or panic.Special early and late pregnancy may be obvious.During the early pregnancy, if the low blood pressure is mainly because the vomiting is too powerful, it can not eat things, resulting in insufficient blood capacity. The low blood pressure in this situation is mainly caused by insufficient blood capacity, and the dizziness may be obvious.Especially during the early pregnancy, because of the effect of hormones, the early pregnancy response was obvious, and they would dizzy, chest tightness, and panic.However, during the late pregnancy, it is mainly a low blood pressure. Because of the late pregnancy, the belly is relatively large, and the blood flow of the lower limbs is oppressed. For example, after the pregnant woman lay down, it was difficult to return to the heart of the lower limbs.Insufficient blood capacity, relative ischemia, easy to dizziness and panic.

If the pregnant mother has a position hypotension, especially the late pregnancy, you must pay attention. When you get up, sit up and sit slowly for a while, and then get up, otherwise it is easy to dizzy or even fainted.In the evening, in order to prevent position hypotension, it is recommended to lie on the left side. The main reason is that the vein return of the lower limbs is relatively right to the lower cavity vein.EssenceTherefore, sleeping on the left side may have some benefits to the hypotension of ascenantability.However, the long -term sleep on the left of pregnant women is also very hard, so it can change the position, but it is relatively good to try to sleep on the left side as much as possible.

If the expectant mother during pregnancy has the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, dizziness will also appear. The most important thing is because the baby will not consume too much iron element of the mother’s body during pregnancy, and will be stored in her own.In the body, it is easy to create the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.If the expectant mother finds that she has symptoms of anemia, they must adjust their diet structure in time or supplement iron.Otherwise, it is easy to lead to a decrease in immunity for prospective mothers, and it will also affect the development of the fetus, which can easily lead to symptoms of hypoxia in the fetus.

What to do during pregnancy?If you have a pregnancy hypertension syndrome, headache eye flowers and upper abdomen discomfort will also occur, as well as lower limb swelling and too fast heart rate, and panic symptoms.

In fact, the expectant mothers supplement enough calcium during pregnancy can prevent this phenomenon, because calcium metabolism disorders can induce the occurrence of pregnancy hypertension syndrome, because the fetus needs a lot of calcium when growing and developing.Insufficient calcium will definitely lead to hypertrophic syndrome, cause hyperthyroidism in thyroid gland, and then form hypertension.Therefore, expectant mothers must timely supplement calcium supplementation and regulate the metabolism of calcium to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy hypertension syndrome.And the third trimester is the peak period of calcification of fetal bone teeth. At this time, the baby needs a lot of calcium, so expectant mothers in the third trimester should add 1200 mg of calcium per day.

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