Do I know that Su Su was pregnant?The long moon embers knows to play stalks

"Long Moon Embers" understands the stalk, that is, some stalks are not necessary.Like Li Chun’s lovers, Yantai Embers and Li Susu Shuangjie.Although this is not this theme discussion today, there is a few dime relationships. The focus is that Yantai Ember knows that Li Suuu is pregnant.Pay attention to Shimmu Yingyu, the details are below!

"Long Moon Ember" Yantai Ember did not know that Li Suu was pregnant. Do you not say Shuangjie? The world has become two relatives, and the dreams and the magic world have become once.Where can I conceive a child.

It is worth noting that this setting is limited to the drama version.

In addition, Prajna Floating Dreams, Yantai Embers returned to the night, Li Susu dream of returning to mulberry wine, without optional role -playing.Sang wine pushed down the night, and the real time was the Qing Dynasty.Tanwan Ember, Li Su Su or even reincarnated by them, or they were replaced with their perspectives and emotions, and made a common spring dream.Aside from the dream, the clothes are neatly worn and not changed.

The original novel "Black Moon Light Betting Stable BE Script" has the truth of husband and wife Li Susu and Yantai Embers, so I can get pregnant more than once, so Li Susu can get pregnant.Then, Tanwan was later known to know that Li Susu was pregnant.

Like Li Susu still used Ye Ximu’s body, he assassinated Yantai Ember failed.In order to make her feel her hatred, what was her.There is also a part of the reason that she was aphrodisiac called spring silkworm.

Later, Li Suu returned to Xianmen.Tanwa Emperor recognized Li Susu, and had an unclear relationship with Li Susu.He did not discuss with Li Susu, and sacrificed himself to save the whole world.Li Susu was pregnant at this time. When she gave birth to the daughter of Yantai, she raised her baby in the clouds and went to Bi Luo Huangquan to find the soul of Yantai.

The daughter couldn’t bear to run away from home, and met with Yantai Ember accurately.As soon as I saw the looks of the little girl, I thought of Li Suu.

Li Susu came over and confessed to Yantai Emperor that the little girl was the daughter of Embers.Yantaiwou said directly that he knew that even if he didn’t understand it at first, he understood it later. The little girl was like Li Susu, more like him.Like Li Susu’s conceived, he was born with such details, and everything was silent.

"Long Moon Emperor" is different from the original setting. Li Su Su assassinated Yantai Embers as Ye Xiwu.In the fairy gate, there was no bed scene.Because there are always people who want to let Yantai Ember enter the demon, they have no time to fall in love.No matter how many weddings are, there will be no children.If I know that Li Susu is pregnant, it may not be too happy.

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