Do I still need to go to the hospital for examination after pregnancy test?If you need it, do these two tests mainly

Many women who prepare for pregnancy will use the pregnancy inspection stick to test whether they are pregnant when menstruation does not come normally, and they will be happy after detecting pregnancy.However, they are accurate after the pregnancy test stick. After the diagnosis is confirmed, they do not need to go to the hospital to check again. However, although the pregnancy test stick is fast and simple, they need to be confirmed to the hospital after the pregnancy and other examinations.

The menstruation is not coming during menstruation. Many women suspect that they are pregnant and use early pregnancy test strips to detect. Some will be confused when they detect that they are pregnant. Can I believe it?In fact, the detection principle of early pregnancy test strips is to detect the HCG concentration in the urine. When the value in the urine during pregnancy, the value of the urine will meet the pregnancy standard and will be detected. Therefore, it is operated according to the instructions.

Although the pregnancy test stick test is fast and accurate, after the test is confirmed, pregnant women also need to go to the hospital for detailed examination, especially these.

1. Pump blood

You need to determine pregnancy if you are positive, and you can also detect progesterone through blood drawing. Welon is an indispensable hormone for pregnancy. When it is too lowLet the embryo develop normally.

2. B -ultrasound

The B -ultrasound throughout pregnancy is an indispensable examination item. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the B -ultrasound can understand the position of the pregnancy sac, and it is determined whether it is inside or ectopic pregnancy.In addition, B -ultrasound can also judge the number of embryos, check the uterine muscle energy and whether there are other gynecological diseases to help further view.

1. Pay attention to diet

Many women blindly ingest nutrition in order to allow the fetus to absorb more nutrition after pregnancy. Blind and unscientific diet intake can easily lead to obesity and increase the chance of disease during pregnancy.

2. Take more rest

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the unstable embryo, you need to rest to avoid signs of abortion and avoid excessive labor, especially women who need to work.

3. Forbidden sexual life

Although the same room can be in the same room during pregnancy, the embryo is unstable in the early pregnancy, and the same room will stimulate the uterus to lead to a threatened abortion.

Warm reminder that once women are diagnosed with their pregnancy, they must pay special attention. All examinations during pregnancy should be in place. According to the guidance of doctors, do not blindly obey others’ guidance, especially for some examinations to know the fetus and physical condition to avoid risks.In addition, it is necessary to know that urine is sometimes affected by hormones and is false positive. Therefore, after the pregnancy test is detected, you must go to the hospital to check the diagnosis again.

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