Do not change your death!Girlfriend’s pregnancy Neymar hook up with the model.

Although the five major leagues have entered the offseason, Paris star Neymar was pushed to the cusp.Of course, the hot search on the horse is not because of the matter on the court, but a net red model Fernanda-Campos actively broke the news, claiming that she had a relationship with Neymar, but she recently found that Neymar is actually actually actually Neymar, but she actually found that Neymar is actually actually Neymar.There are girlfriends, and even girlfriends are pregnant.

In April of this year, Neymar announced that his girlfriend Broona was pregnant. This would also be the second child of Nei. His eldest son, Luca, was 12 years old this year.Ma Er is obviously very excited about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. In the past two months, he often showed a picture of kissing his girlfriend’s belly.However, what never expected that during her girlfriend’s pregnancy, Neymar had energy to date other women in addition to taking care of her.

According to the Women’s Network Red Cambas, she and Neymar met in December last year. Last week, the Brazil Valentine’s Day, the two also had a date in Saint Paul.It is worth mentioning that that morning, Ma Er also accompanied his girlfriend to do a production inspection. In the evening, he spent a good night with Campos, and he was a master of time management!

According to Campos, she was not familiar with Neymar before, and did not know that he had a girlfriend. It wasn’t until he recently took a photo with Brona frequently.Obviously, Neymar was discovered by two boats, and the incident happened during pregnancy, which was too hurtful.

As we all know, Neymar is a well -known player in football.His eldest son, Luca, was actually obtained unexpectedly because of his private life chaos.Luca’s biological mother Carolina was a girlfriend of a ex -girlfriend of Neymar. At that time, only 19 years old, Nei Shao made a big mistake after drinking.Afterwards, he begged Carolina to give birth to the child and promised to bear the support fee.

In a blink of an eye, Luca was 12 years old, and in the year of the year.Luka’s biological mother now also has her own family, but Neymar still looks like a small child. She does not change her death.Do you think Broona will choose to forgive Neymar in the end?

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