Do not dare to take medicine during pregnancy?does not exist!

In August of Lili, the hot weather in Hunan seemed to have no meaning to be cold. In this season with different temperature differences and dry climate, people often experience skin allergies, or allergies caused by decoration.

Normal people can choose the right medicine. How can you choose if you are pregnant and prepared?

Should I take medicine?

Recently, the Department of Pharmacy of the Second People’s Hospital of Changde City has also received the patient’s consultation.

Try to take less, try not to take medicine is the goal of pregnant women’s efforts, but the entire pregnancy journey of pregnant women is 280 days, and some physical condition will inevitably occur.In some cases, due to the greater impact on the fetus and pregnant women, the medication should be weighed after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, but the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs in pregnant women have different changes.Some drugs are easy to pass through the placenta barrier, some drugs have teratogenic effects, and some drugs have a greater impact on pregnant women’s body.也 The pharmacy department of our hospital also summarized in detail for medication during pregnancy.

How to use allergies for pregnant women?

For pregnant women’s skin allergies, it should be preferred for external glucocorticoids, such as dexamethasone cream (dermatitis), but pregnant women cannot be used in large or large amounts for a long time.Oral drugs are best to use the second -generation antihistamines, because the sedative effect of the second -generation antihistamine medicine is less and less side effects.Such as deerz, cetirizine, etc.The first generation of anti -allergic medicine Malanal phenyaminolin, phenyrazine is low in price and can be used in small amounts.You can also apply cooker glystone, Chinese medicine wormwood leaves, ground skin, etc.

How to use a cold for pregnant women?

Pregnant women are the most common. The body temperature rises above 38 ° C. It will be very uncomfortable. When the body temperature reaches 38.5 ° C -39.5 ° C, there is a related risk, which can cause fetal malformations.Relax drugs are acetaminol.Acetamin is safer than other non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs.The drug can be used for analgesic and fever in the entire process of pregnancy.Other relief antipyretic medicines such as aspirin, bislofen acid, ibuprofen, amno, and amino Berbin forest, etc., can not be used because the fetal arterial catheter is closed prematurely, the blood flow and amount of the duct and the amount of amniotic fluid are reduced.Pay attention to replenishing moisture and electrolyte when choosing to take antipyretics, and alternate oral drugs and physical cooling.Pregnant women are not recommended to choose compound cold preparations, such as Kangtaik, White and Black, Pineropine Huang Naomin Capsules (tablets), etc. There are generally various drug components in compound cold drug preparations, and some ingredients are prohibited by pregnant women.Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to choose a single medicine for good safety.Especially the two compound cold medicines must not be reused.Cough and phlegm drugs are generally not recommended for pregnant women.

How to use diabetes during pregnancy?Bleak

High blood sugar in pregnant women has a great impact on both pregnant women and fetuses, which can cause fetal development abnormalities. It may also lead to more amniotic fluid, premature fetal membrane breakdown, pregnancy and elasticity.Pregnant women’s diabetes first adopt diet adjustment, and controls blood sugar in an ideal range through a reasonable diet.Secondly, appropriate aerobic exercise can be taken.If blood sugar cannot be controlled, it is recommended to choose drugs for treatment. Oral drugs are easy to pass through the placenta barrier. Generally, it is harmful to the fetus to varying degrees. It is not recommended.Insulin injection is a better choice for gestational diabetes. Because insulin is a macromolecular protein and cannot pass the placenta barrier, it is safe for the fetus.Insulin dosage is generally decreased three months before pregnancy, and the next six months increase.After childbirth, adjust according to the situation.Some gestational hyperglycemia will be normal after delivery.

How to use medicine for hypertension for pregnant women?

Pregnancy hypertension is manifested as abnormal blood pressure, which can also lead to eclampsia, which seriously threatens the safety of maternal and infant life, so pregnant women should also effectively reduce blood pressure.Studies have shown that Labelol is the first choice for hypertension during pregnancy, which has the characteristics of high safety and good pressure reduction effects on pregnant women.Magnesium sulfate is an anticonid drug, which is commonly used for pregnancy hypertension.It plays a role in lowering blood pressure, sedation, and eclampsia.However, large -dose applications increase the incidence of eclampsia, and sometimes cause patient respiratory suppression and abnormal heart rate.And magnesium sulfate can only be injected by intravenous veins, and only uses other medicines during hospitalization.

How to use asthma for pregnant women?

Pregnancy asthma not only affects pregnant women, but also affects the fetus. Unecpaned patients with pregnancy asthma can lead to eclampsia or pregnancy hypertrophy in pregnant women, but also increase the incidence of fetal disease mortality, premature yield and low weight.Sugitic hormone inhalation agent is one of the preferred drugs. Commonly used such as clothdanid mixed suspension. This is a common second -generation glucocorticoids that can effectively control various inflammatory mediators.And no data proves that the drug will increase the risk of fetal malformations.So it is relatively safe.However, you should pay attention to the dosage and medication time, and you cannot use it for a long time or in large doses.You can also choose to use the Tabci Forest atomizer, although there is no teratogenic effect on humans and animals.But it is recommended to use it with caution in the first three months.

How do pregnant women use antibacterial drugs?

Penicillin drugs are the preferred antibacterial drugs for pregnant women.Penicillin drugs are β lactam antibacterial drugs. The main pharmacological effect is to prevent the synthesis of bacterial cell wall sticky peptide and rupture the bacterial cell wall and die.Because bacterial cells have cell walls, humans are mammals, without cell walls, so penicillin drugs are very low to human cytotoxicity.Peloxycin drugs are time-dependent antibiotics. They need to take medicine 3-4 times a day, and they must be used in full amount to achieve effective treatment effects. They should also pay attention to whether there is a history of allergies. The injection must be tested each time.Oral agents should not have a history of allergies.Commonly used medicines include hydroxylinininin (amoxicillin); ammonia penicillin, penicillin V potassium, etc.

How to use constipation for pregnant women?

The lactat sugar oral solution is a kind of permeability laxative. It is transformed into a low -molecular organic acid in the colon, which causes the pH value in the intestine to decrease and increase the content of the colon through the infiltration effect.The above role promotes colon peristalsis and relieves constipation.Because lactose is hardly absorbed by the small intestine, it will not affect the growth and development of the fetus.So it is safe to pregnant women.Lactan is generally taken once at breakfast.Secondly, the use of bisidobacterium tritermia bugs, enterococcal di -linked luminous entero -soluble capsules, etc., can regulate the intestinal flora, promote the growth of probiotics, restore the intestinal tract to normal, and promote defecation.Pay attention to the use of probiotics to use about 37 degrees of water.Bleak

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