Do not take medicine for sore throat during pregnancy. Try these methods, which is very effective

Jingjing has been pregnant recently, but it has not been long after a long time. At first she wanted to buy some medicine for eating, but she was worried that taking medicine would not be good for the fetus, so she asked her friend Xiaoling, Xiaoling, Xiaoling, Xiaoling, Xiaoling.It is recommended to drink some honey water quietly, or eat some cool fruits to reduce this symptom.In fact, during pregnancy, because the body’s physical resistance is not as good as before, if you don’t pay attention, you will get sick. Then, in order to prevent illness, what methods can be prevented?Let’s take a look together.

1. Rock sugar stew Sydney

If the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable during pregnancy, I can use rock sugar to stew Sydney to relieve.

First, peel the pear with a fruit knife, then cut the pear into pieces, pour some water in the pot, put the pear in and stew, try to use low heat when stewed.Put in an appropriate amount of rock sugar and then drink it.

Usually pregnant mothers can also eat some pears, which not only quench thirst, but also moisturize her throat.

2. Pay attention to keep warm

Some pregnant mothers cause sore throat because of cold when they are pregnant.

In order to avoid cooling, Baoma usually pays more attention to keeping warm, especially the warmth of the abdomen. When going to bed at night, you must cover the quilt. When you go out at night, you should wear a jacket as much as possible. When you are cold, you can wear it.In addition, try to add an additional blanket to the abdomen during the lunch break to avoid causing a cold.

Therefore, for the health of the fetus, Baoma should pay attention to warmth.

Third, rinse your mouth with salt water

Pregnant mothers sometimes do not pay attention to diet during pregnancy, and they are prone to symptoms of sore throat.

At this time, Baoma can rinse her mouth with salt water, because rinse with salt water can play a role in sterilizing.Pregnant mothers can rinse their mouths after each meal or before meals. As much as possible a few times a day, they will soon get better.

Fourth, do not eat spicy food

In order to avoid sore throat in the throat, pregnant mothers should eat less spicy things during pregnancy, because spicy things are easy to get angry, and it is easy to stimulate the throat.

Therefore, it is best not to add pepper, sesame oil, pepper and too much garlic in food when eating.You can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.Such as black fungus, cucumber, citrus, lemon, kiwi, etc.

Pregnancy is a very hard process. Each pregnant mother is not easy. For the babies in their bodies and stomachs, you must pay attention not to let yourself catch a cold. You must start doing prevention.Do you pay attention?

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