Do n’t eat corn here, “Nutrition Essence” is wasteful!

As a kind of grain, corn has always been loved by people.Today, I want to remind everyone: Although the corn is good, the way of eating is also important.When you are giving corn, you are likely to leave the most nutritious part of corn!

The corners of corn are actually treasures

Corn germ

"Nutrition Champions"

Most people will not be too clean, but to stay on a pale yellow particles on the corn stick, which is actually the nutritional essence in corn. It is called corn germ.

Corn germ contains a large amount of nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and other nutrients, and its content is much higher than corn kernels.So when you eat corn in the future, you must remember to eat the germ, otherwise the nutrition will be wasted in vain.

Pay attention to two points

① After the corn stick is finished, you can scrape it with a spoon and scrape all the corn germ and eat it. It is convenient and not wasted.

② Full chewing when eating corn.Because corn’s crude fiber is very rich, if it is not fully chewed, it will affect digestion.Especially the elderly with weak digestion.

Corn beard

"Treasure of Strong Kidney"

Corn must have the reputation of "Dragon Beard".Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is sweet and peaceful. It can benefit water, reduce swelling, and play a role in strengthening the kidney, especially for children’s nephritis.

Not only that, people with high blood glucose, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, or high uric acid, insisting on drinking corn to cook water can also improve water.

Usage and dosage: corn must be dried, two small boils every day, cook for 20-30 minutes in low heat, and drink tea on behalf of the tea.

Note: Molding corn must not be eaten.

Boiled corn water

It’s comparable to "Essence Water"

Nitrite is a precursor material that is a nitrosamine compound that is strong. It exists widely in the natural environment, especially in food. People in daily life inevitably consume some.

The corn flavonoids contained in corn can help remove nitrite and block the synthesis of nitrosamine, and reduce their damage to human cells.However, the main places where corn flavonoids are not in corn kernels, but in the water of boiled corn, so you can drink some corn boiled water appropriately to reduce the risk.

Three steps to choose corn

Look at the leaves

Select fresh green leaves wrapped, not dry leaves and yellow leaves.

Look at the corn beard

Generally speaking, if the corn is dry and does not shrink, this corn is usually fresh.However, if the corn stigma is black, this corn is often old.

Touches the granules

You can peel off the corn leaves slightly and feel the hard and hard level of corn kernels with your fingers.The soft explanation is too tender, the harder explains the old, and the soft and hard ones are just right.

Information: CCTV home for dinner

Edit: Wang Jing

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