Do n’t worry about the new crown of pregnant women, Jiading many hospitals are available for nuclear acid -positive pregnant women to produce and hospitalized

Earlier, the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference proposed that major hospitals in Shanghai were required to optimize outpatient processes in major hospitals in Shanghai to further expand the area, increase the diagnosis room, and improve the ability of consultation.The Grand Ding District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Jiading District Central Hospital, Nanxiang Hospital, and Anting Hospital have opened isolation delivery rooms and isolation operating rooms for nuclear acid -positive pregnant women to produce and hospitalized.

Partition management, set up isolation ward and operating room

The reporter saw on the 8th floor of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jiading District that the original comprehensive ward has now been changed to a isolation ward for nuclear acid -positive patients, which has 5 ward beds.In addition, the hospital also has a quarantine room, isolation operating room, which is equipped with B -ultrasound, ECG monitor and other equipment.


Yang Fengyun, deputy dean of Jiading District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that in April and May of this year, the operation room and isolation operating room were running smoothly, and more than 50 new lives were born here."Whether it is equipment guarantee or personnel configuration, we have accumulated some experience in the early stage.Other patients are diverted. "Yang Fengyun said.

Isolation operation room

In addition, in order to meet the medical needs of special groups such as fever pregnant women, the hospital opened a popular kidney clinic to provide corresponding diagnosis and treatment services for the heating patients of the specialist."Maternal medicines are a bit different from ordinary people’s medication. It is necessary to consider whether it will affect children, and mastitis will have high fever. For these patients, we will comprehensively consider the cause." Yang Fengyun said.

Open consultation hotline, Internet hospital

In order to meet the medical needs of the maternal and child groups, the district maternal and child health hospital opened an Internet hospital and consulting hotline 67070000, 18930868360 (emergency period) online consultation, and answered citizen consultation.

"Can I be infected with the new crown virus and can I breastfeed? I have been pregnant with the antigen to make positive, but the symptoms are very mild. Is it necessary to seek medical treatment?" In the hospital’s social service department, the staff was busy answering the call of the citizens.How to use medicine and hospital epidemic prevention and control requirements.

Pregnant women are infected, will the baby be infected?This is also a matter for many pregnant women.Yang Fengyun said that no maternal and infant transmission will occur at the new crown virus, and the new coronal virus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract. No blood and placenta are found through the respiratory tract.

In addition to telephone consultation, the hospital also opened an Internet clinic. The citizens searched for the WeChat public account of "Jiading Maternal and Child", and chose heating consultation in the medical service.It should be reminded that the distribution function has not been opened at present, and it is only based on consulting and consultation.The hospital stated that the current number of consultations daily is about 20. If the number of consultations increases, the doctor will adjust the duty doctor according to dynamic.

If pregnant women are infected with new crowns, and symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and runny nose appear, the following drugs can be used when observing at home

Consultation hotline of Jiading District Maternal and Child Health Hospital

67070000; 18930868360 (emergency period)

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