Do these preparations before giving birth, and then getting pregnant and having a baby, otherwise it will hurt yourself and your child

Some children are loved at home, feel the warmth of the family, and don’t worry about eating and drinking.However, some children were abandoned by their parents in their lives and turned into an abandoned baby.

Children are important for a family, our society and even the country.For those parents who abandon their children, they are punished by law.

In this society, we have a general face, and some parents love their children, and some parents have abandoned him after their children are born.

Seeing such a news on the Internet, a day’s local sanitation worker found a thin "skinny" baby girl in the grass.

The girl seemed to be one year old, she was already thin, and she looked terrifying and distressed.Later, the guards sought the help of the police, but the police did not find the parents of the little girl.

As a last resort, the police announced the publicity in the society, hoping that someone would be willing to adopt the little girl.Fortunately, some people are really willing to adopt a little girl.

A 24 -year -old female Internet celebrity in Vietnam was touched after seeing the photos of the child and decided to adopt the child.However, many netizens on the Internet also said that the female net red was to adopt children to adopt children for red.

But this unnecessary attack did not stop her from pouring this love. Regardless of the questioning of others, the female Internet celebrity insisted on her thoughts and adopted the child.

Now that five years have passed, the female Internet celebrity has been a wife and mother, but her love for her child is still the same, and her husband is the same.

And this girl is 6 years old, she looks like a round and jade, her face is very good, which is different from the difference between the time when she was adopted at the time. It can be said to be completely different.

She used her actions to break the questioning of her.There are always more kind people in our lives. These people use their love to warm our world with their own tolerance and help those in need. They make our lives better.

As an adult, we need to be responsible for our own behavior. When we give birth to a child, we should be responsible for her, not to be born without raising.

1. Good psychological construction

Many people said that the moment they were born, they were still very incredible, and they couldn’t believe that they had become parents.In the face of children, they are often chaotic, and they often question themselves, and feel that they cannot be a qualified parent.

In fact, at the moment you know that you have a child, you should do a good job of psychological construction. You have ten months to prepare to look forward to the birth of your child.

When your two -person world becomes a three -person world, your life will always change. Don’t be afraid of such changes. You should do a good job of psychological construction and welcome your child’s arrival.Too busy affecting children’s nurturing and care.

2. Good economic ability

In our lives, there are also many families with poor economic conditions that they abandon them after their children are born.Therefore, before you want children, if you want to consider your own financial ability, and feel that your economic ability cannot support your child, you need to consider it in the aspect of having children.

When the appearance of your child has put a lot of pressure on your family, not only your family will be affected, but even your child will be affected.

Earlier this year, I saw a news on the Internet. There was a abandoned baby on the side of the elevator with a hospital. There was a note on it. It was said that because the epidemic could not find a job now, so I could not raise this child.Time, when your parents find a job, make money and get back the child.

Think about your parents just have no job for a month, and even what you eat for your children. How can such economic situation give children a peaceful home, how can children grow healthy and happy?

It is the biggest evil for being born without raising. Children bring this world, and we have the responsibility to control the children.

3. Stable relationship between husband and wife

There is also a need to consider the emotional problem between your husband and wife. If the relationship between you is unstable, the impact on the child is also very great.

When the emotional condition is unstable, there will always be many contradictions in the family. Often children become your victims. This is a fatal harm for children.Very painful.

Mother Jing said: Everyone’s birth has their own significance. As a flower of the motherland, parents should educate and protect our children well, and do not let them hurt.

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