Do you eat it?Cell cultivation chicken is approved to go public in the United States … Let’s listen to healthy early smells together!June 26, 2023


11 departments: speed up the goal of eliminating blood suction disease disease

On June 25, the National CDC, the National Health and Health Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly released the "Accelerating Action Plan for Elimination of Blood Worms (2023-2030)" proposed that by 2028The county (city, district) meets the standards of elimination.The "Plan" clarifies the staged target: the tackling period (2023-2025), all blood -absorbing counties (cities, districts) have reached the standard of communication, 85%of which (city, district) reached the elimination standard; the sprint period; the sprint period;(2026-2028), strive to meet the elimination standards for all blood -absorbing counties (cities, districts); the consolidation period (2029-2030), consolidate and eliminate the results, complete the inspection and acceptance of blood -absorbing tests, and maintain the elimination state of stabilizing hemorrhage.(Click the blue word to get details)


Qinghai guides outstanding medical talents sinking to the grassroots level

Recently, the General Office of the Qinghai Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of the Grassroots Health and Health Talents Team", encouraging and guiding outstanding medical talents to contribute to hard -to -edge and grass -roots first -line contributions, and effectively solve the actual problems of lack of grass -roots health personnel.The province proposes that by 2025, there will be 328 physicians per 1,000 population (assistant) physicians, 3.6 general doctors per 10,000 population, and 1 public health personnel per 1,000 population.By 2030, the health and technical personnel of the township health center will have a college degree or above. Each township health center will have at least 2 general doctors with standardized training.

Fujian clarify the six major tasks of local disease prevention and control

Recently, the "Fujian Province’s Local Disease Prevention and Control and Increase Action Plan (2023-2025)" jointly issued by the 13 departments of the Fujian Provincial Health and Health Commission and other 13 departments stated that by the end of 2025, the iodine deficiency is eliminated, and the general level of iodine nutrition of the crowd will be maintained;Continue to control the harm of local fluoride poisoning in drinking water type, and the province’s 36 fluoride poisoning areas and counties have continued to reach the level of control.Proposed six major tasks: consolidate comprehensive prevention and control measures, strengthen the level of treatment of patients, optimize the monitoring and evaluation network, innovate and publicize and educate the education methods, strengthen the construction of prevention and control capabilities, and strengthen support for scientific and technological research and development.

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Research predicts 1.3 billion people with diabetes in 2050

Xinhua News Agency reported that a study in the United States predicts that by 2050, global diabetes patients will double up compared with 2021 to about 1.3 billion, and patients in various countries will increase.Studies have shown that the significant increase in patients with diabetes in the next 30 years will be mainly reflected in the increase in type 2 diabetes, and the increase in causes include increased obesity rate and changes in population composition.Research report recently published in the British "Liuye Knife" magazine.

Nap may help delay brain aging

Xinhua News Agency, a new study shows that nagging during the day may slow down brain atrophy and delay brain aging for 7 years.Scientists at the University of London University of London found that there is a certain causal relationship between the habitual day nap and the larger brain capacity: the human brain capacity of the person who likes to sleep is more, which is equivalent to the aging of the brain.Delayed 2.6 to 6.5 years.This association may also mean that a nap can prevent neuromeological degeneration by making up for lack of sleep.


Cell cultivation chicken is approved to be listed in the United States

Xinhua News Agency reported that two US companies have recently approved the sales of chickens cultivated by animal cells, the first case in the United States.However, this artificial chicken is currently only sold to the restaurant, and is not sold in retail stores such as supermarkets for the time being.Both companies emphasize that artificial chicken is meat and is not a generation of meat. It is cultivated by animal cells in the laboratory. Unlike plant protein and other raw materials that were previously listed in the United States.A survey showed that half of the interviewed American adults said they did not intend to try artificial meat cultivated with animal cells.Analysts believe that although artificial meat is allowed to be available, it is impossible to become the mainstream of the market in the short term.Currently artificial chicken is much more expensive than chicken.The Associated Press reported that the price of artificial chicken will eventually be flat with high -end organic chicken, and the price is about $ 44 per kilogram (about 316 yuan) per kilogram.

Japan reports that the world’s first human infection and death in OZ virus

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Institute of Health, Labor, Ministry of Infement and National Infectious Diseases said on the 23rd that the cause of death in the summer of 2022 was a myocarditis caused by a new virus OZ virus.This is the world’s first case of human infection with OZ virus and death.OZ virus is a RNA virus of the genus Anti Virus Kito virus. In 2018, it was first separated from the Japanese turtle shell -shaped blunt eyes in 2018.According to the survey of wild animal serum antibodies, this virus is widely distributed in Japan, but it is the first time that infection with humans and death.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges the public to vaccinate the measles vaccine before the summer international travel

Xinhua News Agency reported that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued a guide that in the first five months of 2023, American measles cases increased compared with the same period last year.According to current estimates, the number of Americans planning to travel abroad in 2023 is twice as much as 2022.The public should vaccinate vaccines in time, especially before international travel to prevent measles infection and cause input transmission.


High temperature weather, prevent stroke stroke

Recently, high temperature weather has appeared in many places, and high temperatures have caused increased risk of stroke. It is recommended that you pay attention to preventing from:

First, to ensure the daily sufficient water intake, it is recommended to consume at least 1500 ml daily (patients with kidney disease should be limited as appropriate, and outdoor open -air workers or large sports volume should be increased as appropriate).Infold diet increase the intake of high -quality protein, pay attention to supplement vitamins and electrolytes.

Second, minimize outdoor activities, adjust the exercise time moderately according to the changes in temperature daily, and recommend choosing early morning and evening periods to avoid outdoor activities during high temperature hours.

Third, when using air conditioners, it is recommended to adjust the room temperature at about 26 ° C.Past high -quality sleep should be ensured every day, and adults should be 7-8 hours.Avoid blood pressure fluctuations in emotional impatience and maintain emotional stability.

Fourth, the physical temperature adjustment ability of the elderly group can be weakened. It can be appropriately raised slightly slightly, and it is advisable to maintain it at about 27 ° C. In particular, pay attention to avoid suddenly entering low -temperature air -conditioning houses from the outdoor high temperature environment, or enter the room from outdoors. Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately, Give the body to adapt to the buffer time of the indoor temperature environment.

Fifth, patients with risk strokes such as hypertension, diabetes, and abnormal blood lipids are prone to fluctuations in indicators such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood lipids. If they fluctuate large or poorly controlled, they should go to the hospital in timeEssence

Sixth, when there is unclear words, skewed mouth and eyes, weak limbs, unstable walking, severe headache, conscious disorder, etc., please call "120" immediately to seek medical treatment in time.

Today’s weather

From 20:00 on June 25th to 20:00, northern Shandong, southern Anhui, central Hunan and southwest, northern Jiangxi, Guangxi, Central China, Hainan Island and other areas will be as large as heavy rain. Among them, northeastern Jiangxi, Guangxi, GuangxiThere are heavy rain in parts of the south and other places.

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